Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoa'i  (born May 25, 1985) is an American professional wrestler and retired American football player. Anoa'i is signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Roman Reigns. A member of the Anoa'i family, a renowned Samoan-American wrestling dynasty, Anoa'i initially forged a career in professional football, having Read More

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The hulking powerhouse brought his smash-mouth gridiron style to WWE’s developmental system, NXT, where he left a long line of tough opponents in crumpled heaps. But it was at the 2012 Survivor Series that Reigns made his greatest impact. Roman has achieved a lot so far in the little time he has been in the WWE he's a former tag team champion, 2014 Superstar of the Year, and 2015 Royal Rumble Winner, and he's just getting started. Roman Reigns is a force to be reckoned with. Read more?

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Video: Smackdown Fallout | July 2, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/07/03 · Filed Under: Screencaptures, Video Clips

Watch It Here As Well:

Smackdown Results & Media | July 2, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/07/03 · Filed Under: Digitals/Screencaptures, Links, Smackdown Results

We are back and Seth Rollins is in the ring with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble.

Seth says that he would not normally burden you with the formality of counting Roman Reigns out, but he wants to see these sweet Apple watches in action. After the count, we can get in the Cadillac and get out of this rotten town.

Match Number Six Seth Rollins (with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble) versus Roman Reigns

The bell rings and Reigns is not in the building. As the count gets closer to ten, we hear Roman’s music and he makes his way to the ring and the count has miraculously stopped even thought Reigns takes more than the remaining two count to get into the ring.

Rollins attacks Reigns as he enters the ring but Reigns runs Rollins into the corner and the turnbuckles. Reigns with shoulders and a punch. Reigns with an Irish whip and Rollins does the Michaels flip and Reigns with a punch. Mercury tries to interfere but Reigns biels him into the ring.

Reigns goes for a power bomb on Mercury but Rollins with a super kick. Rollins with a buckle bomb and he gets a near fall. Rollins with kicks to Reigns. Rollins chokes Reigns in the ropes and punches him in the back. Mercury with a punch when the referee was not looking. Rollins goes up top and he hits a double stomp to the back.

Rollins gets a near fall. Rollins with a knee to the back followed by punches to the midsection. Rollins kicks Reigns in the corner and the referee warns Rollins. Reigns with punches and head butts but Rollins with a kick and he slams Reigns. Rollins goes up top but Reigns with an uppercut as Rollins comes off. Reigns with more punches to Rollins. Rollins with a back heel kick followed by a running forearm. Reigns with a running clothesline into the corner, but Roman holds his ribs. Reigns with Neverending Story in the corner.

Reigns punches Mercury off the apron. Rollins goes for another buckle bomb but Reigns counters with a back body drop. Rollins lands on his feet. Reigns with a power bomb to Rollins and he sets for the Superman punch. Noble grabs the leg and Mercury attacks Reigns and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Roman Reigns (by disqualification)

After the match, Rollins and Mercury attack Reigns and Noble joins in.

Dean Ambrose’s music plays and the attack stops. Ambrose comes to the ring with the kendo stick and he hits everyone, focusing on Rollins. Rollins with a kick and he tries for a Pedigree but Reigns with a Superman punch. Rollins is pulled out of the ring by Mercury and Noble.

Mercury is pulled back into the ring by Ambrose and Reigns. Ambrose hits Mercury with the kendo stick and Reigns with a Superman punch. Ambrose hits Mercury with the kendo stick. Reigns with a spear to Mercury.

We go to credits.

Source: PWInsider.com

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Note: Smackdown screencaps and HD video will be up asap. For now enjoy our Standard quality video links of Smackdown it is available on our Vimeo, Dailymotion, and SendVid accounts.


WWE SmackDown Results for July 2nd, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/07/02 · Filed Under: Coverage, Results, Smackdown Coverage, Smackdown Results, Thursday Night Smackdown Coverage

*Rollins is backstage with J&J. Apparently Roman hasn’t arrived yet. Noble and Mercury are still giddy over their new Apple Watches.

*Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns

Rollins grabs a mic before the match. He says normally he wouldn’t come out and give Roman a count of 10 to get out here. He says he wants to see these sweet Apple Watches in action. J&J count to 10. Roman’s music hits of course and here he comes. The bell rang already, so…Roman should still be counted out, but this is WCW rules apparently. They start off with brawling. Reigns slams Rollins from corner to corner with a few strikes at each. Whip into the corner by Reigns with a big right hand from Roman. Mercury tries to get involved, and Roman goes to powerbomb him before Rollins hits a superkick and powerbombs Reigns into the corner for a one count. Rollins stomps away on Roman and chokes him in the middle rope. Mercury gets a punch to the nose in as well. Rollins climbs up top and hits a double stomp to Roman’s back for a two count. Rollins with strikes in the corner. Roman starts fighting back, but Rollins hits a body slam to stop that. Rollins goes back to the top rope and goes for a double axe handle but eats a right hand. Roman hits a few more rights until Rollins hits a spin kick to the gut and a big running forearm in the corner. Rollins goes for another one, but takes a big clothesline instead and both men are down. Reigns hits his multiple clothesline in the corner spot and then knocks Mercury off the apron. Reigns with a powerbomb on Rollins and he calls for the Superman Punch, but Jamie Noble grabs his foot as Mercury attacks him to cause the DQ.

Winner by DQ: Roman Reigns in 5:58

*The assault continues after the match until Ambrose comes in with the kendo stick for the save. Ambrose beats everybody with the kendo stick and Rollins goes to Pedigree him, but Roman hits a Superman Punch. Roman goes for the spear on Rollins, but J&J pull him out. Rollins and Noble get away, but Mercury is brought into the ring by Ambrose and Reigns. Ambrose beats him down with a a dozen kendo stick shots and Roman hits a spear on Mercury. Ambrose and Reigns stand tall to end the show.

Credit: 411Mania.com


Vote For Roman Reigns Athletes Gone Good
Published by: · Date: 2015/07/01 · Filed Under: Article, Informational


Ten WWE Superstars and Divas, and WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, have been nominated for DoSomething.org’s inaugural Athletes Gone Good! DoSomething.org, one of the largest global organizations for young people and social change, announces voting for its inaugural Athletes Gone Good list. Inspired by the success of Celebs Gone Good, DoSomething.org is launching Athletes Gone Good to celebrate athletes across the world, including WWE Superstars and Divas, who are bringing their A game to their sport and to support causes they care about.

Find out who was nominated at athletesgonegood.com. Through July 31, the WWE Universe is encouraged to vote for their favorite Superstars and Divas once per day at athletesgonegood.com. The winners of Athletes Gone Good will be compiled as a result of a three-part methodology: (1) votes and nominations from the public (2) the athlete’s influence on social media and (3) advice from the Athletes Gone Good Advisory Committee. The winners will be announced Aug. 6. “Athletes make a huge impact on culture. At DoSomething.org, we’re elevating and celebrating athletes who have decided to use their impact for good. With the launch of Athletes Gone Good, we’re giving fans an easy way to champion for their favorite socially active athletes,” said Naomi Hirabayashi, CMO at DoSomething.org. To learn more about the athletes, including the WWE Superstars and Divas who are nominated, and to check out all the nominees, visit athletesgonegood.com.

Vote for Roman here! (Just scroll down to WWE category and click Roman’s icon to vote then simply fill in the required information)

– See more here

Credit: WWE Community.Com


WWE Tough Enough Recap & Media: June 30, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/07/01 · Filed Under: Recap, Television Recap, Tough Enough

It is the next morning and Roman Reigns is in the ring and thankfully some of the competitors know about the wrestlers in the WWE. Roman introduces himself for those who might not know who he is. He says that this hurts and he asks if you are willing to be slammed for the fans. He says that they are not ready for the Superman Punch or Spear. Roman has Bull come into the ring to show a seated splash as he hits it on Tye Dillinger.

Alex comments on the splash as Roman wishes them luck.

Credit: PWInsider.com

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Note: I have also reuploaded another 720p version of Tough Enough it’s directly from USA Network and not sport 2. I prefer if my videos don’t have the SportsLogo in the right hand corner. Lol. The links are here (Vimeo, Dailymotion, & SendVid)


WWE SmackDown Spoilers for July 2nd, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/06/30 · Filed Under: Smackdown Spoilers, Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Notice, Spoilers


Click “read more” to see what Roman Reigns has in store for us on this weeks Thursday SmackDown..

Warning! Spoiler area! To read click here!



Article: The Fear of a Father – The Salvation Of Roman Reigns
Published by: · Date: 2015/06/30 · Filed Under: Article


It’s Father’s Day but instead of joy this thought makes cold sweat run down Reigns’ body. The one to blame – Bray Wyatt. The New Face of Fear entered Reigns’ life and is now threatening to put his hands on the most precious thing in it. Some say that Roman’s daughter should have never been involved in this storyline. They say it’s a step too far. I say it’s a step in the right direction. Only going through this unbearable terror will fix Reigns’ character and his connection with the WWE Universe.

If we are going to talk about fixing Reigns, we first need to answer the question: What is wrong with Roman Reigns? Technically – nothing. He’s good-looking, well-built, talented and charismatic. Well, he’s not exactly Paul Heyman on the microphone but who is, really? Also, being a man of a few words gave Reigns the silent badass aura that made him so popular in the Shield. However, something went wrong and the fans turned on Reigns. The thing that tipped the scales was the WWE’s decision to mold him into a standardized character. Bret Hart, in his most recent interview for Sports illustrated, gave a very simple description of Reigns’ true weakness – “there’s no softness in his eyes”.

When Reigns was a Shield member, the audience adored him. There’d be an earth-shaking roar of thousands, echoing Roman’s battle cry before a spear. That noise of unity had turned into overwhelming boos by the night of the Royal Rumble. Some said it was because Reigns can’t wrestle. That’s not true. You won’t see him do a standing shooting star press but he doesn’t need that. He’s a power house, not a high flyer. His style has always been based on strong impact. It didn’t change upon the Shield’s break-up but it never bothered the fans before. The critics would then usually move on to Reigns’ mic skills. Did he ever say anything but “Believe that” at the end of the Shield promos? And yet, we loved it every single time he screamed that catch phrase. Yes, the others did deliver most of the work on the mic but that wasn’t ever perceived as an issue. Being assertive in a few words or being strong weren’t the shortfalls of Reigns, they were his strengths. The difference in perception had a lot to do with the absence of direction in Roman’s character after the destruction of the faction. The Hounds of Justice were defined by their brotherhood. Roman’s brute force was all channeled into protecting his brothers. He would have gone to the end and beyond for them the same way they would have done it for him. Left on his own, Reigns was truly alone. He remained the same man but he lost the ideals that gave meaning to his personality. And with that, he lost the support of the fans.

Things got so out of hand that even the Rock couldn’t deflect the wave of hatred, directed at Reigns. I always found that harsh crowd reaction unfair, since it was never Reigns’ fault that he wasn’t written into a good storyline. Then again, the damage had been done and I had no idea how it could have been fixed. However, there is a reason why the WWE has dominated the wrestling industry for so long and is still miles ahead of the competition. The WWE Creative realized their mistake and began to rebuild what was destroyed. They tested the waters early on with the Reigns/Bryan feud. The crowd was allowed to respond to Reigns as heel, although he wasn’t and yet, he never turned. The relentless condemnation that Roman was subjected to, countered by his determination to remain true to himself, planted the seeds of guilt and compassion in the fans. And then the WWE put Reigns through an endless streak of screw jobs and heartbreak, which continues to this day. Every time Roman has the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in his grasp, it gets impudently ripped out of his hands. This goes against the fans’ conception of him. People alwabys say “ Reigns will win”, “Reigns never loses”, “It’s so obvious they’ll give it to Reigns” but none of that happens. Roman’s way to the top, which was supposed to be artificially facilitated, suddenly became artificially overcomplicated.

Once the crowd had warmed up to Regins again, the WWE pulled out the big guns. The Creative Team reached out to the link that they should have never dropped to begin with – the Shield. When Roman Reigns came to Ambrose’s aid last month, the WWE Universe exploded. Regardless of how much people claim to hate Reigns, they all admire the brotherly bond of the Hounds. Reigns helped and he did it selflessly. When Ambrose was arrested on RAW, Reigns sacrificed himself to buy the Lunatic Fringe some time. He hadn’t been given an explanation or any guarantees, only a request from his brother. So when Roman threw himself to the wolves, he did it driven by blind faith in Dean Ambrose. That devotion to another human being got the crowd to scream their lungs out for Reigns because a friendship for life is much more captivating than the One vs. All stance. If the WWE had gone with this in the very beginning, Reigns would have never had to suffer the damnation the WWE Universe put him through.

However, Roman Reigns can’t stay dependent on Dean Ambrose forever. Their friendship can and should be a reoccurring theme but it’s not a permanent solution. Can we be sure that without the Shield magic, Reigns will still retain the rediscovered fan support he’s been reaping the benefits of recently? To allow for a positive answer, Reigns’ character needs to connect with the audience on a more personal level that is not bound to the Shield. And this is where Bray Wyatt comes into play. The New Face of Fear swooped on Roman Reigns and made him crumble with one shot only.

When I first saw that photo of Roman and his little girl in Bray’s hands, accompanied by the sound of Wyatt’s menacing voice, whispering the lyrics of a children’s song, I felt my heart sink. I think my reaction perfectly corresponded with the moment Reigns’ expression changed. He was angry and confident until his saw his daughter’s image reflected in the gaze of a sociopath. I could pinpoint the moment when the look in Roman’s eyes filled up with terror. It was that instinctive, overwhelming fear that overcomes a parent when he senses that his child is in danger. What if I fail to protect her? The uncontrollable panic, left by this question, is a dark, secret fear, buried deep inside that keep the strongest men up at night. Roman Reigns, despite all his power, makes no exception.

Fear is an interesting feeling. It creates vulnerability. It can shatter a man. That’s what Bray Wyatt preys on. He knows which strings to pull in order to expose one’s soul and rip it apart. He attacks weaknesses that are too painful to be brought up to light. Using Ambrose’s real-life troubled childhood made people uncomfortable. Using Reigns’ little daughter crossed a line and hit home hard. What man doesn’t shiver at the thought of being helpless to defend his child? Roman Reigns’ fury is an outside representation of the pure terror that Wyatt has planted into his soul. It’s the desperate wrath of a blind man, who needs to protect his loved ones from a blow that he can sense but can’t see coming. The New Face of Fear has shown itself to Reigns and is now torturing his every living second, scorching his soul from the inside out.

A man, as a father, is often perceived as a hero. In the eyes of a child his father is an indestructible and almighty figure that always watches over them. But every father knows that all men fall. Bravery in the face of adversity is one thing but when that danger hangs above your child, the picture darkens. The doubt, the fear of the unknown, the horrifying though of failure were all entwined in the agonizing horror that twisted Reigns’ face when he found the charred picture of him and his daughter by his side. And for the first time Roman was vulnerable. His pain and his fears are so elementary to the human nature that they were bound to resonate within the heart of the WWE Universe. Bray Wyatt brought softness in Roman Reigns’ eyes. He mortalized him. Now, once again, the audience begins to vibrate in unison with Roman’s emotions. In his twisted way, Bray Wyatt will bring Roman Reigns the salvation he deserves.

Credit: Dela Lozanova
Wrestling Informant
Follow her on Twitter @DeleLozanova


WWE RAW Results: June 29th, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/06/29 · Filed Under: Coverage, Digitals/Screencaptures, Monday Night Raw Results, Raw Results, Results


Bray Wyatt is on the big screen for another promo on Roman Reigns.

Dean Ambrose is backstage talking to a Terminator machine. Roman Reigns walks in. They talk about Bray Wyatt and tonight’s tag match. Reigns yells “let’s rage!” and storms off. Ambrose follows and we go to commercial.

No DQ Match: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins and Kane

Back from the break and out comes Roman Reigns through the crowd. Dean Ambrose is out next. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is out next with just Kane. We hear a horn start going off and see J&J Security in their Cadillac to the side of the stage. They get out and head to the ring with Kane and Rollins.

The bell rings and they all start going at it. Ambrose and Rollins, Kane and Reigns. Ambrose mounts Rollins with right hands in the corner. Ambrose clotheslines Rollins to the floor and then dives out, sending Rollins into the barrier. Ambrose goes in and trades shots with Kane. Reigns and Ambrose take turns on Kane now. Reigns slams Kane. Ambrose goes up in the corner and Rollins pushes him to the floor. Reigns chases Rollins around and back in the ring but runs into a big boot from Kane. Rollins throws Ambrose into the barrier and Kane stomps on Reigns in the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins has Reigns down with a headlock. Reigns looks to make a comeback and Rollins misses a splash in the corner. Kane tags in and stops Reigns from tagging. Kane runs into a boot in the corner. Reigns with a big clothesline off the corner. Fans chant for Reigns as he crawls for a tag. Rollins and Ambrose tag in at the same time. Ambrose unloads and sends Rollins to the corner. Ambrose stomps away and nails a bulldog. Ambrose knocks Kane off the apron and backdrops Rollins to the floor. Ambrose goes up top and drops an elbow on Kane and Rollins. Ambrose tosses Mercury over the barrier. Noble is also down. Ambrose with a big clothesline on Rollins on the floor as fans cheer. Ambrose rolls Rollins in and goes under the ring for a table as fans pop again.

Ambrose slides the table in but J&J pull it out. Rollins with a roll-up for 2. Rollins with a big kick for 2 as Reigns breaks the pin. Reigns with a powerbomb on Rollins Kane runs in but Reigns hits a big clothesline. Mercury hits Reigns with a kendo stick but Reigns takes it from him and beats him and Kane with it several times. Reigns with a Superman punch on Mercury and Kane. Rollins comes flying of the top and also takes a Superman punch to a big pop. The graphic flashes and when the lights come back on, Bray Wyatt is unloading on Reigns on the floor. He tosses Reigns into the announce table and the steps before beating on him some more. Wyatt slams Reigns hard on the announce table as referees back him off.

Ambrose is left in the ring with Kane and Rollins. He turns around and fights off a chokeslam. Ambrose drops Kane with a big clothesline. Rollins stops Dirty Deeds on Kane. Kane stops Dirty Deeds on Rollins and chokeslams Ambrose. Rollins nails a Pedigree and covers Ambrose for the win.

Winners: Kane and Seth Rollins

After the match, Mercury and Noble come in the ring to celebrate. Rollins tells them to bring the table in the ring and they set it up in the corner. Rollins readies for a powerbomb but Reigns runs back in and makes the save. He fights everyone off and beats Rollins down in the corner. Reigns turns around to a chokeslam from Kane. Rollins talks trash and slaps Reigns around. He trips Rollins and beats on him to a pop. Reigns fights everyone off again and clears the ring. They surround the ring again and this time beat Reigns down. Reigns still manages to fight back. Kane tries for another chokeslam but it’s blocked. Rollins takes the knee out and Reigns still fights them off. Kane hits another chokeslam and they stomp on Reigns. J&J raise Reigns up and Rollins powerbombs him through the table in the corner. Rollins talks more trash and hits a Pedigree. Rollins raises his title as fans boo. The Authority leaves the ring as Bray Wyatt comes back down the ramp.

Wyatt enters the ring and picks Reigns up, dropping him with Sister Abigail. RAW goes off the air with Wyatt posing over Reigns as fans boo.
Credit: PWMania.com

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Note: Screencaptures and HD video will be up asap!


Video: Roman grants a man wish who has stage IV cancer wish
Published by: · Date: 2015/06/29 · Filed Under: News Update, Video

Lynchburg, VA –Earlier this month, we told you the story of Kenneth Fulcher Sr., who is fighting lung cancer.

On Sunday, Fulcher got a dream fulfilled: to see the wrestlers from the WWE with his wife and family. While thousands of fans filed in to see the superstars of the WWE at the Berglund Center in Roanoke, Kenneth Fulcher and his family made their way to a backstage area, complete with signs of support of their favorite wrestler, Roman Reigns. It’s a day Kenneth and his wife Connie have been looking forward to for some time. When asked if he slept much the night before, Kenneth replied “I think I stayed up all night long!”

Wrestling has a special place in the Fulcher house. The two watch every show together, something they’ve shared for years. Kenneth is in the midst of battling Stage 4 Lung Cancer, and is confined to a hospital bed in the home. Granddaughter Sophia Talbott told ABC-13 earlier in June that “Papa said he would forgo any pain or discomfort on those nights and get into bed to watch wrestling with her. So it’s their designated date nights.”

For one night, cancer was not on their mind, as WWE Superstars came in, one by one, to greet the Fulchers, and brighten their spirits. Kisses from WWE Diva Cameron, and a bear hug from Ryback made their situation the last thing on their minds. Just before showtime, the Fulcher’s favorite wrestler, Roman Reigns, stopped by to meet his biggest fan.

For the WWE Superstar, it’s a moment that is uplifting to him as well, saying “When you can take a little bit of extra time to connect personally with somebody, and make a friend. That’s what’s awesome, the friendships, the relationships. That’s what you take with you.”

It’s those relationships and connection to wrestling, and each other, that continues to get the Fulcher family through one of their toughest times. Sophia Talbott held a sign, featuring one of Roman’s inspiring sayings. Said Talbott, “We don’t experience fear, and we don’t back down. It’s a Roman Reigns Quote. Battling Stage Four Lung Cancer.”

And the fight isn’t over, says Kenneth. “…and you can believe that!”

Credit: WSET.Com

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RAW Preview | June 29, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/06/29 · Filed Under: Previews


It was almost a foregone conclusion that Brock Lesnar would dismantle Seth Rollins to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WWE Battleground. However, The Architect changed many a mind last week on Raw, when he mended fences with his Authority allies and brutalized The Beast Incarnate.

Now that they have successfully transformed the unstoppable Anomaly into an underdog, The Authority’s two heavy hitters, Rollins & Kane, will put their combined skills to the test against Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns in the main event of Raw. What else does the future hold for this Monday’s show?


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