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Leati “Joseph” Anoa’i is a former American professional football player turned WWE Superstar. He signed with the WWE in 2010, where he worked in the developmental sector FCW under different variations of his name until settling on Roman Reigns. He made his main roster debut in November 2012 alongside Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as the Shield. Reigns is a 3-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, a one-time WWE Tag Team Champion (with Rollins), and was the 2015 Royal Rumble winner. He has many achievements including Superstar of the Year, and setting records at both Survivor Series and Royal Rumble. He has main evented Wrestlemania 3x including Wrestlemania 32 where he became 3-time World Heavyweight Champion. Roman Reigns has proven that this is his yard and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

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Category: Images
Published By: Shawn
Date: November 15th

We are in Buffalo, New York and your announcers are Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

The people from the Raw brand who are going to wrestle at the Survivor Series are on the stage and Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon are in the ring.

Stephanie welcomes everyone and Mick throws in the home town cheap pop.  Stephanie says the people on the stage are the elite and the best of the best in the WWE.  Sunday on Survivor Series, you will have the chance to prove it.  Stephanie says that Shane McMahon will be on Raw tonight along with Daniel Bryan.  Stephanie says that Daniel called Raw superstars lazy and complacent.  Tonight, you will show your superiority.

Mick says it is about Kevin Owens proving he is a more dominant champion that AJ Styles.  It is about Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins finding out who the strongest member of the Shield and the weakest link.  It is about the women showing Becky Lynch and Nikki Bella that the women on Raw are the best.  Stephanie says that Enzo and Cass will show American Alpha they are the up and coming team in WWE.  Brian Kendrick will represent the entire Cruiserweight Division.  Sami Zayn will have a chance to bring the Intercontinental Title to Raw.

She says that everyone will need to work together as a team or she will make some serious changes with Mick Foley.

Mick tells Sheamus and Cesaro that he believed in them like no other.  Tonight, you will prove yourselves when you face Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns.

Stephanie stops Mick from making that match take place now.  She reminds Seth Rollins about his power bomb last week.  Chris Jericho, Braun Strowman, and Seth Rollins will face the New Day.

Mick says Charlotte’s rivalry with Sasha Banks has revolutionized women’s wrestling, but tonight, you will be partners against Alicia Fox and Nia Jax.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One:  Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro and Sheamus

Reigns and Cesaro start things off and they lock up.  Reigns with a side head lock.  Reigns with a shoulder tackle and Cesaro with a drop kick.  Cesaro with an Irish whip and Roman with a boot and then he hits a clothesline.  Owens moves around the ring post but he decides to walk to the other turnbuckle instead of tagging.  Cesaro with an uppercut and then Sheamus tags in and connects with an uppercut.  Cesaro and Sheamus continue to alternate until they argue and Reigns with an elbow to Sheamus but Cesaro with a medley of European uppercuts.  Sheamus with a slingshot shoulder tackle for a near fall.

Sheamus goes to the turnbuckles and Reigns with an uppercut and Sheamus is sent to the floor but Cesaro makes the tag and he goes for a Sharpshooter but Reigns gets to the ropes.  Reigns is sent over the top rope and Owens comes over to discuss Roman’s performance in the match.  Cesaro does not care and he hits a corkscrew plancha onto Owens and Reigns.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Owens is in the ring with Cesaro and Cesaro with a jaw breaker.  Owens knocks Sheamus off the apron but Cesaro with European uppercuts.  Owens with a tornado DDT and he gets a near fall.  Reigns wants to be tagged in and Owens decides to hit a running clothesline in the corner and then he mocks Reigns with a scream before hitting a cannonball and getting a near fall.  Owens with a reverse chin lock.  Cesaro with elbows followed by a springboard corkscrew elbow.  Sheamus tags in and he hits a few running double sledges and a running shoulder into the corner followed by a knee lift.  Sheamus with forearms to the chest while Owens is on the apron.

Sheamus gets Owens on his shoulders but Owens gets to his feet and Sheamus is sent to the floor and Owens tags in Reigns. Sheamus pulls Reigns off the apron and he attacks Reigns but Reigns sends Sheamus into the ring steps and then he hits a clothesline off the ring steps.  Reigns with a Juggernaut Broad Jump Drop Kick followed by NeverEnding Story in the corner and he hits an uppercut.

Reigns sets up and hits the Superman punch but Cesaro breaks up the cover.  Owens with a super kick to Cesaro and Reigns with a Superman punch to Cesaro.  Owens tags himself in and Reigns and Owens argue.  Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to Owens and Reigns spears Sheamus.  Reigns pulls Owens on top of Sheamus for the three count.

Winners:  Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens

Foley is backstage with the 5 Superstars from Team RAW. They did what he knew they could do tonight – win matches without being friends. Foley thanks them and mentions the Survivor Series summit in the ring later. He asks them to stick around for the fireworks show. Back to commercial.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon are in the ring.

Stephanie says they have unfinished business.

Shane McMahon’s music plays and he Shane-O Shuffles his way to the ring. with Daniel Bryan.

They exchange pleasantries in the ring.

Shane says they did not come out here tonight . . . but first Shane says hello to Buffalo.  He says they did not come out to promote the 900th episode of Smackdown tomorrow night featuring the return of the Undertaker.

Daniel says they did not come out to talk about the Cutting Edge tomorrow night, featuring Edge.

Shane says they are promoting The Survivor Series where Raw faces Smackdown.

Stephanie says they are here to talk about Sunday when Raw proves they are the dominant brand.

Shane says Stephanie says Raw is the dominant brand, but that is not true.  Smackdown drafted better than Raw and Smackdown is a better show.

Stephanie wonders why people AT RAW are cheering for Smackdown.

Shane says Stephanie is talking about ripping up contracts while Shane says Smackdown is trying to make things better.

Stephanie asks why is Shane wrestling for the Smackdown team.  It is all about you.  People like you because you pander to them and you leap off tall structures.  What will happen when Smackdown loses because of you.

Daniel says pandering to the fans and jumping off high structures describes your GM and people love Mick.  He put Shane on Team Smackdown because he is a real leader who knows how to bring people together.  Shane can get as wild and crazy as anyone else when he gets in the ring.  Daniel says it is great that Mick put up the entire Cruiserweight brand and they will look good on Smackdown.

Mick says he has faith in Brian Kendrick and he has faith in Sami Zayn and bringing back the Intercontinental Title to Raw.  He says they are not lazy and complacent because they put the women in the main event of Hell in a Cell.

Daniel says maybe he was right and we will see it on Sunday.

Shane says he could goad Stephanie into this match because Stephanie’s ego couldn’t handle it.

Stephanie calls Shane a glory hound.

Shane says that Stephanie should get in there to and compete.  Stephanie brings out Shane’s opponents on Sunday.

Stephanie says they will show Shane how lazy and complacent they really are.

As they stand around Shane and Daniel, Daniel asks if they think they came alone.  Daniel gestures to the back and they come through the crowd.

They stand across from each other in the ring.

Kevin says look who showed up.  Kevin welcomes everyone to the Kevin Owens Show.  He tells AJ to get that hair out of his face because on the Kevin Owens show, that belt means absolutely nothing.

AJ takes a mic and he says this belt, the World Championship means nothing?  Where he comes from, that thing on your shoulder says you are no more than a paper champion.  This means he is the champ that runs the camp.  He is the Face that Runs the Place.

Kevin appreciates that AJ stole someone’s catchphrase.  He says his title means more because he is holding it.  He will prove it on Sunday.

AJ tells Kevin the only thing he has proved is that he is still on Chris Jericho’s sugar tit.  AJ reminds Kevin that he got along with Chris and past actions predict future before.  Worry about getting that knife in your back or your name on the list.

Kevin says Chris will never turn his back on him because he is a better champion and a better friend.

Chris hugs Kevin.

Chris calls AJ a stupid idiot.  Where you come from down there on Smackdown, he does not know how things work, but here, when you insult Chris Jericho and his best friend, do you know what happens?  AJ Styles, YOU JUST MADE THE LIST.  Chris tells AJ he does not like his stupid soccer mom hair so it made the list.  Chris wants to know what the hell James Ellsworth is. Chris says it appears there is a lost child at ringside and he asks for his parents to pick him up.  Chris says James is weird looking and he says weird looking guys on Raw . . . GET PUT ON THE LIST.

Bray talks to Braun and he says he gave him the keys to the kingdom and this is how you repay him?  You abandoned your brothers.  You abandoned Bray.  They destroy the monster that Bray created.

Orton and Strowman get face to face with each other.

Seth says that Shane does not want to get into this fight.  Braun took care of the New Day.  Seth says you don’t know what to expect when him and Roman are on the same page.

Dean paces and he attacks Seth.

Everyone brawls in and out of the ring.  Strowman works over Shane and then he goes after Styles.  Strowman throws Dean to the mat.  Strowman with a splash to Shane.  Ambrose and Styles work over Strowman but that does not work too well.  Ambrose with a forearm and Styles with a forearm that does nothing.  Shane with a forearm that sends him and Strowman over the top rope to the floor.  Ambrose sends Rollins to the floor and then he hits a suicide dive.  Jericho with a springboard drop kick to Styles. Orton with an RKO to Jericho.  Roman with a Superman punch to Orton.  Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail but Roman with a Superman punch to Wyatt.  Styles stops Reigns from a dive to the floor.  Rollins with a Pedigree to Styles and then Rollins picks up Styles and Reigns power bombs Styles onto Team Smackdown on the floor.

We go to credits.

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Published By: Shawn
Date: November 8th

WWE.Com Digitals | Television Captures

We are in Glasgow, Scotland and your announcers are Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring.

She welcomes everyone to Raw. She says Mick Foley could not be here tonight so she says she is proud to be in Glasgow, Scotland. She says we are in the midsts of a tulmutous time. Husband has been pitted against Wife, Brother against sister, red versus blue. She is talking about the Survivor Series. They will dominate Smackdown in the three traditional matches. It will be fantasy warfare come to life. We will see Brock Lesnar against Goldberg.

Stephanie brings out the men who will be representing Raw. She brings out Kevin Owens. Out next is Chris Jericho. The third member of the team is Roman Reigns. The final announced member is Braun Strowman.

Stephanie introduces the fifth member of the team and it is . . .

Seth Rollins.

Kevin says this must be a joke because you cannot put him on their team.

Seth says Stephanie knows if she wants to guarantee a victory over Smackdown, she needs the man on the team. He says he has been given certain assurances to be on the team. After they get the job done, there is still business between them and with sparkle crotch.

Stephanie says they will be going against Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin, and AJ Styles.

Stephanie tells Chris that they should all be on his list. Will Kevin prove that he is the best champion. You need to work as a team to show that you are better. You need to show Daniel Bryan that you are not complacent or lazy. They picked the best of the best and you are going to prove it at Survivor Series. Stephanie says you are going to fight like your lives depend on it and because your jobs depend on it.

Kevin says Stephanie is right. They need to get on the same page. Kevin and Chris have been taking over Raw every week, but they have made some enemies. They are man enough to say they might have made some mistakes. Chris tells Roman and Seth they know that they are angry because they are Universal Champions. You might be stupid idiots, like everyone in Glasgow, you are their stupid idiots.

Kevin says you all have to listen to the co-captains of the team, Kevin and Chris.

Chris says he likes them and says they have a lot of spunk. Kevin says they have potential. If you listen to them, they will be victorious at Survivor Series.

Kevin tells Roman it cannot be like things were in the Shield. It died because you are both terrible human beings and you turned on each other. Chris says Team Kevin and Chris lead by example.

Seth tells Chris he digs and then he punches Jericho. Roman punches Owens and Strowman stands around but then he pushes Rollins away and he hits a splash on Jericho. Strowman with a shoulder tackle to Rollins. Strowman with the reverse choke slam to Jericho.

Roman and Owens fight on the floor and Strowman goes to the floor.

Stephanie comes out and says she will give them a chance to get through their differences. It will be every man for themsevles because it will be Roman Reigns versus Seth Rollins versus Chris Jericho versus Kevin Owens versus Braun Strowman tonight.

Match Number Six:  Seth Rollins versus Braun Strowman versus Kevin Owens versus Chris Jericho versus Roman Reigns in a Non Title Match

The bell rings and Owens and Jericho go after Rollins and they go to the floor.  Roman has his path to the floor blocked by Strowman.  Jericho tells Strowman what to do and Strowman knocks Jericho down.  Rollins battles with Owens and Jericho on the floor.  Reigns with punches but Strowman with a clothesline.  Strowman goes to the floor and he is hit wtih a kendo stick by Rollins.  Rollins gets a table but Strowman hits Rollins from behind and Rollins goes down.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Strowman tries to send Rollins through the table.  Strowman clotheslines Rollins.  Reigns with uppercuts to Strowman and Strowman with a front choke slam to Reigns.  Strowman with a boot to Jericho.  Kevin tries to discuss the union but he punches Strowman.  Strowman with a clothesline to Owens.  Everyone attacks Strowman and Strowman powers out. Strowman grabs Jericho and Reigns but Owens with a kick and Jericho with an enzuigiri.  Rollins with a springboard knee to the temple followed by a Superman punch and Strowman goes to the floor.

Jericho goes after Reigns while Owens battles with Rollins.  Rollins with Slingblade to Owens and that leaves Roman and Rollins in the ring.  Strowman gets on the apron and Roman with a Superman punch followed by a suicide dive that sends Strowman into the ringside barrier.  Rollins and Roman work over Strowman with punches.  Roman and Rollins see the table and they go for a modified Cerberus Bomb but Owens and Jericho stop Rollins and Reigns.  Jericho and Owens focus on Reigns.  Reigns kicks Jericho and connects with uppercuts to Owens and Jericho.  Reigns with a Superman punch off the steps to Strowman.

Jericho and Owens sends Reigns into the ringside barrier and then Owens rips up a sign.  Reigns is sent into the ring steps by Jericho and Owens. Owens with a Reigns scream and then he hits a cannonball against the ringside barrier.  Jericho holds Owens and Rollins gets up and hits a flatline into the ringside barrier.  Rollins with a super kick and a power bomb onto Strowman on the table.

Rollins sends Owens back into the ring and Rollins with a knee.  Owens with a rollup but Rollins with a super kick for a near fall. Rollins goes up top and misses a frog splash.  Owens goes for the pop up power bomb but Rollins counters with a pedigree. Jericho pulls the referee out of the ring.  Rollins with a suicide dive onto Jericho and then he sends Jericho back in but misses the knee to the temple.  Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but Rollins escapes.  Rollins with an enzuigiri followed by a pedigree. Reigns with a Superman punch to Owens and he falls on top of Jericho to get the three count.

Winner:  Kevin Owens

We go to credits.

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Published By: Brittany
Date: November 1st

WWE.Com DigitalsTelevision Captures

Mick Foley makes his way to the ring.

Mick says last night, Raw had a hell of a night.  A new Cruiserweight Champion, a triple main event, and the first ever Hell in a Cell Match.  Mick says he is proud of everyone, except . . . Chris Jericho and his best friend the WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens.  While everything they did was ‘technically’ legal, it left a bad taste in Mick’s mouth.

Kevin Owens’ music plays and he walks to the ring with Chris Jericho.

Kevin asks Mick to elaborate about what left a bad taste in his mouth.  Is it that Kevin is still the champion, not Mick’s number one draft pick.  Maybe it is his best friend outsmarted you and everyone else to get in the cell?  Kevin says he knows what it is.  He says it is because Kevin was the one to make history because he STOLE THE SHOW in the main event.  He was the first to successfully defend the Universal title in Hell in a Cell.  Last night was the Kevin Owens Show whether you like it or not.

Chris says instead of chastizing them, you should be kissing his feet because he showed how a team works and how they can work for Team Raw.

Mick says he needs them to be on Team Raw.

Kevin repeats what Mick said and Kevin says that you do need them.  They are the top two guys on Raw.  He says it is killing Mick that he needs them.  He is jealous because last night, in his first Hell in a Cell match, he walked out a winner.  Mick made his name in Hell in a Cell matches as a loser.  Chris mentions that Mick lost 4 Hell in a Cell Matches.  Kevin points out that the last time Mick lost was . . .

Chris points out it was in Stinky Hartford, Connecticut.

Mick says that Kevin has the talent to win the match on his own. He walked out a winner, but he could have walked out a legend.  Mick says that Kevin made a mockery of the cell.

Chris asks if Mick is jealous because Chris locked the cell and twirled it around his finger.  Chris says it was the key of Jericho and he tells Mick to lock it in.

Mick says that you have to check your ego at the door.  Mick says that Stephanie did not want both of them . . . just Kevin. Stephanie wanted to suspend Chris on the spot.  If anyone was smart and devious enough to do what he did at Hell in a Cell, they can be devious and smart enough to win at Hell in a Cell.

Mick says he needs another guy, but not any guy . . . THE GUY.

Roman Reigns comes out and makes his way to the ring.

Roman wants to know why Kevin and Chris are not happy to see him and then he thanks Foley for having confidence in him. Roman calls Kevin and Chris Spongebob Square Pants and Patrick.

Chris says Roman isn’t wearing a costume and Roman says he would have been dressed as a stupid idiot, but there were no more Chris Jericho costumes.

Chris says that Roman knows what happens to people who insult him on Halloween . . . They don’t go on the list.  Roman does not deserve to be on the list.  No one tonight deserves to be on his list.  Chris says that Roman is not worthy of being United States Champion.  Chris says he is from Canada and he hates the United States but he would be a better US champion than Roman.

Kevin says Roman is 100% correct.

Chris says he could take that title from him if he wanted.  Chris says Roman is probably too beaten up after that match last night so you probably cannot compete.

Roman says his body is beaten up, but he would never pass up the opportunity to shut Chris’ mouth.

Mick makes that match official for tonight.

WWE United States Title Match: Chris Jericho vs. Roman Reigns

Straight to the ring and out comes Chris Jericho with WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens. WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns is out next for tonight’s main event. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get formal ring introductions from JoJo. Jericho throws his scarf in Reigns’ face and attacks him to start. Reigns comes back and drops Jericho with an elbow. Reigns works Jericho over now. Jericho turns it around. They trade several slaps and Jericho nails a dropkick. Jericho goes to the top and shows off as Owens cheers him on. Reigns cuts him off but gets knocked to the mat. Jericho nails a crossbody for a 2 count. Reigns drops Jericho with a big right hand.

More back and forth. Reigns knocks Jericho out of the ring and follows with more offense. Reigns launches Jericho into the barrier as Owens looks on. Reigns brings it back in the ring. Jericho distracts the referee, allowing Owens to shove Reigns into the ring post. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Jericho remains in control. He beats Reigns on the outside before bringing it back in. Jericho with a kick and a few knees now. Jericho goes on and backdrops Reigns for a 2 count. More back and forth now. Reigns makes his comeback and nails the Drive By. Reigns scoops Jericho and hits a Samoan Drop for a 2 count.

Jericho ducks a Superman punch and goes for the Walls of Jericho. Reigns blocks it and ducks a clothesline but eats an elbow and goes down. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but lands on knees. Jericho blocks the Superman punch and rolls Reigns up for 2. Reigns with a big right hand. Reigns runs into a boot. Reigns catches a Codebreaker but Jericho rolls him into the Walls again. They trade more blocks and counters. Reigns with a sitdown powerbomb out of the corner for a close 2 count as Owens yells at ringside. Reigns readies but Owens gets on the apron. Reigns nails him and Jericho rolls Reigns up for 2. Reigns with a big right hand. Jericho dumps Reigns to the floor. Reigns gets on the apron and Superman punches Jericho out of the air off a springboard. Reigns readies and nails a spear on Jericho but Owens breaks the pin for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Roman Reigns

After the bell, Owens and Jericho continue the beatdown. Fans chant for Seth Rollins as they keep beating on Reigns. They switch from a pop-up powerbomb attempt into a Codebreaker. Rollins’ music hits and out he comes limping a bit. Rollins nails Owens at ringside and enters the ring for a Slingblade on Jericho. Rollins dives out into Owens and takes him down. Rollins goes back in and nails another dive on Owens. Rollins springboards back in and hits Jericho with a knee to the head. Rollins calls Jericho a son of a bitch and superkicks him. Rollins goes for a Pedigree on Jericho but Owens pulls him to safety as fans boo. Owens and Jericho retreat up the ramp but Rollins yells at them to come back in and fight. Rollins turns around to Reigns as fans pop. Fans chant “yes!” as the former Shield partners size each other up. Reigns’ music hits as they stare each other down from opposite sides of the ring and RAW goes off the air.

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Published By: Lisa
Date: October 18th

Lana is in the ring and she introduces her husband.

Rusev says in two weeks time he gets to crush Roman Reigns in Hell in a Cell.  He tells the people to stop their USA chants and it only makes them chant louder.  Rusev screams in Bulgarian and the crowd chants ‘What’.

Lana tells everyone that her husband is not only the greatest United States Champion of all time.  She knows that Rusev is a great family man unlike the people in Colorado with pathetic family values.

Rusev says Roman talks about his family all the time.  That is good to know about your family.  You have seven hundred Samoans in your family.  Your family breaks coconuts over their heads.

Rusev introduces his family.  We see a photo of his mother and mentions she is a two time rowing champion.  Lana says this is what it means to be a champion, unlike the women here who are nothing.  Lana says you don’t like your nagging and annoying mother-in-laws, but Lana says she loves her mother-in-law.   Rusev shows a photo of his father.  He says you can see where he gets his good looks from.  Lana says he is a strong man.

Rusev shows a photo of his brother, who is the best chef in the best restaurant in Bulgaria.  He shows a photo of his grandmother.  He shows a photo of his dog and his cousins.

Roman Reigns interrupts and he says he has a big family.  He is not talking about his bloodline, he is talking about the Roman Empire.  Roman says Rusev does not look like his dad.  Rusev looks more like the family dog.

Rusev tells Roman he can disrespect his family but do not disrespect him.

Rusev says he will make a call, but Roman wants to know who he is going to call.

Roman says it doesn’t matter who he calls because it is one on one at Hell in a Cell.  The only person Rusev will call is 911.

Lana gets in Rusev’s face and Lana slaps Roman and Rusev follows with a super kick.  Rusev sends Roman into the ring steps.  Rusev hits Roman in the head with the ring steps.  Rusev sends Roman back into the ring and Rusev brings the rest of the steps into the ring.  Roman with punches but Rusev with a thrust kick and Roman is sent into the steps.  Rusev puts Roman on the steps and it is MATCHKA time.  Rusev stomps on the back and applies the Accolade on the steps.

Lana and Rusev leave the ring.

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Published By: Lisa
Date: October 11th

WWE.Com Digitals | Television Captures

Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring and we see what happened on last week’s Raw when Sasha was able to win the WWE Women’s Title.

Sasha says she feels like she is on top of the world right now. It was not that long ago she was sitting in the back row or watching WWE on TV with her mom. She had big dreams because she was watching her hero Eddie Guerrero. She wishes him a belated Happy Birthday. She watched him lie, cheat, and steal his way into our hearts. She would watch women like Trish Stratus and Lita in the main event and she wanted that.

Sasha says she achieved that dream last week. She put her body on the line and she stole the show and became a two time Women’s Champion. This is not just about her. It is for all of the women who came before her and every woman yet to come. She is doing this for every girl who dreams of being just like her. She says this women’s revolution is on a roll and the next stop is at Hell in a Cell.

Sasha suggests that their match be inside Hell in a Cell. They will make history again.

Charlotte comes out and makes her way to the ring.

Rusev’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring with Lana.

Rusev tells everyone to settle down. Nobody cares about your stupid women’s revolution. Nobody cares that you main evented Raw last week. Rusev is the main event wherever he goes. At Hell in a Cell. . .

Charlotte takes the mic and she says that her title is around Sasha’s waist, but she wants to know who the hell he is. She says no one disrespects the Queen. You want to face me inside Hell in a Cell? She says Sasha is on.

Rusev takes the mic back and says he is not finished. He says this is Rusev’s ring. Whatever Rusev says, it goes.

Sasha knocks the mic out of Rusev’s hand.

Lana picks up the mic and she says that you need to know your place. You are constantly fighting to be seen as women, but you whine like little girls. Hell in a Cell is made for real men.

Charlotte and Sasha both attack Lana.

Charlotte and Sasha with a double drop kick to Rusev to knock him out of the ring.

Rusev returns to the ring and Roman Reigns’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Rusev goes to the floor when Roman gets in the ring. Rusev starts to walk away from the ring and Roman’s music plays.

Charlotte and Sasha have a stand off in the ring with Sasha holding up the title belt.

We go to commercial.

We are told that Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks will face Charlotte and Rusev tonight.

Sasha Banks is in the back and Roman Reigns stops by and Roman asks if she is ready.  Sasha says she was born ready.  Roman says to worry about tonight.  Sasha tells Roman to handle Rusev since she will handle Charlotte.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Seven:  Rusev (with Lana) and Charlotte versus Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks

The men start off but Charlotte tags herself into the match so it will be the women first.  Charlotte retreats into the corner and Rusev tags in.  They lock up and go into the ropes.  Reigns with a shoulder tackle but Rusev with a jumping spin kick for a near fall.  Rusev with punches to Reigns.  Rusev chokes Reigns in the corner.  Rusev with a short arm clothesline and he gets a near fall.  Reigns with an uppercut and punches.  Rusev wtih a knee but Reigns with a running clothesline.  Reigns with a punch and a clothesline.  Reigns with NeverEnding Story in the corner.  Reigns wtih a boot to Rusev.  Reigns looks around and he sets for the Superman punch but Charlotte grabs the leg and Sasha attacks Charlotte from behind.

Reigns clotheslines Rusev over the top rope to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Rusev with a reverse chin lock.  Reigns with punches and an uppercut.  Rusev with a drop kick for a near fall.  Rusev with a suplex and he gets a near fall.  Reigns with a Superman punch.

Charlotte tags herself in and Sasha with clotheslines and a drop kick.  Sasha blocks a kick and connects with a knee and follows with Meteora.  Sasha with a splash and she puts Charlotte in the ropes and hits the double knee drop and gets a near fall.  Charlotte sends Sasha into the ropes and Charlotte gets a rollup but Sasha counters into the Banks Statement. Reigns with a spear to stop Rusev and Charlotte taps out.

Winners:  Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks

After the bell, Sasha’s music hits as she stands tall with Reigns in the middle of the ring. We go to replays.

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Published By: Lisa
Date: October 3rd

WWE.Com Digitals | Television Captures

We are in Los Angeles, California and your announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring.

Roman says his bloodline has been represented in the WWE for a long time, but they never had anyone win the United States Championship . . . until now. That is because he is THE GUY. He comes out here and he represents his family on a nightly basis.

Lana’s music plays and she makes her way onto the stage and then she walks to the ring.

Lana tells Roman she came out here to talk to him, but her husband does not know.

Roman says they are in LA and there are cameras everywhere. He says Rusev knows where she is because she is the only woman who would talk to him.

Lana says they are negotiating tonight. She says her husband is challenging Roman to a match for the United States Championship.

Roman says it sounds like Rusev sent her out to do his dirty work while he hides behind her skirt.

Lana says Rusev is her family. She says that Roman does not know about family and he has zero respect. You came out and tried to destroy her wedding celebration. She tells Roman to wipe the smile off his face and she calls him a stupid boy. Lana says this is not funny and this is not a joke. Lana says she will embarrass Roman and win the title back.

Roman says Lana needs to relax. He tells her to go to the back and deliver to her husband his Bulgarian balls and tell him to come out and say it to his face.

Lana tells Roman to go to hell.

Rusev’s music plays and they battle in the aisle. Rusev and Roman run each other into the ringside barrier while they exchange punches. Roman sends Rusev into the ring and Roman sets for the Superman punch but Rusev catches Roman and runs him into the turnbuckles. Rusev with punches and knees. Rusev misses the jumping thrust kick and Roman with a punch. Rusev goes to the floor and Roman goes for the Superman punch off the ring steps and Rusev connects with a round kick. Rusev sends Roman into the ring steps and then he kicks Roman into the crowd.

Rusev grabs the United States Title Belt.

Rusev goes up the ramp to the back and Reigns comes out and hits a Superman punch.

Roman tells Lana if she wants him to go to hell, he is taking them both with him. The rematch will take place inside Hell in a Cell.

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Published By: Brittany
Date: September 6th

WWE.Com DigitalsTelevision Captures

Match Number Nine:  Kevin Owens versus Sami Zayn in a Non Title Match

They start off by throwing punches at each other and Owens goes to the floor.  Owens with a kick and forearm followed by a chop.  Owens sends Zayn into the ringside barrier and he kicks Zayn.  Owens sends Zayn back into the ring and Owens kicks Zayn.  Zayn with punches but Owens with a chop and back elbow.  Zayn leaps over Owens and hits a leg lariat.  Owens goes to the floor.  Owens pulls Zayn out of the ring and he punches Zayn and sends Sami into the ringside barrier.  Zayn leaps onto the ringside barrier and he hits a moonsault that catches Owens in the head.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the Chin Lock Master is showcasing his expertise on Zayn.  We see footage during the commercial break when Owens hit a super kick.  Owens with a knee and then he drops Zayn midsection first on the top rope and Owens follows with a back senton and he gets a near fall.  Owens reminds Zayn he is the champion and he punches Zayn.  Zayn punches back.  Zayn backs up towards the ropes and Owens goes over the top rope to the floor.  Zayn with a flip dive onto Owens.

Owens rolls to the other side of the floor and Zayn with another flip dive onto Owens.  Zayn with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall.  Zayn sets for a half nelson suplex but Owens with an elbow and clothesline into the corner.  Owens tries for the cannonball but Zayn gets up and he hits an Exploder into the turnbuckles.  Owens rolls to the apron to avoid the Helluva Kick.  Owens goes to the apron as well and Owens with a kick and a power bomb onto the apron.  Zayn blocks it and he punches Owens.  Zayn sets for a half nelson suplex on the apron but Owens with elbows.

Zayn gets back into the ring and Owens drops Zayn on the top rope.  Owens with a clothesline into the corner followed by a cannonball.  Owens sets for a pop up power bomb but Zayn leaps over Owens and Zayn with a half nelson suplex for a near fall.  Zayn kicks Owens and sets for the arm drag using the ropes but Zayn lands awkwardly and appears to have reinjured his ankle.  The referee checks on Sami on the floor and Zayn says he is okay to continue.  Owens gets Zayn up and tries for a power bomb.  Zayn escapes and hits a half nelson suplex on the floor.

Zayn rolls Owens back into the ring and Zayn sets for the Helluva Kick but he cannot run across the ring.  Owens with a super kick and power bomb for the three count.

Winner:  Kevin Owens

After the match, Roman Reigns’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring since he was also screwed over by Triple H last week.

Reigns gets on the apron and then he gets into the ring.

Owens backs up and leaves the ring.

Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring and he goes onto the other side of the ring.

Mick Foley’s music plays and he makes his way onto the stage.

Mick says this is what they are going to do.  He knows that Roman wants a piece of Kevin Owens and the Universal Title.  Next week, Roman will face Kevin Owens and if he can win, he will be part of a Triple Threat at Clash of Champions.

Jericho tries to attack Reigns, but that does not work and Reigns with a spear to Jericho.

We go to credits.

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Published By: Lisa
Date: August 30th

WWE.Com Digitals | Television Captures

We see what happened last week to lead to tonight’s Universal Title Match.

We are in Houston, Texas and your announcers are Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Corey Graves is in the ring with the four men who will wrestle later tonight for the Universal Title. He is joined by Roman Reigns, Colin Cassady, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens.

Seth interrupts and he says Corey did not mention the real reason why they are out here. It is because of him. If it wasn’t for what he did to Finn Balor, he wouldn’t have undergone shoulder surgery or relinquish the title. Seth says he is the favorite to win and he says that he is the number one pick. Seth says he will donate his speaking time to one of the other guys.

He gives his time to Kevin Owens.

Kevin says that is incredibly generous. Kevin says he is a fan of Culture Shock because it helps him sleep. Kevin says it is an honor to be in a match with competitors like yourself. He says it is exciting.

Corey asks Kevin for his thoughts on the match.

Kevin says he thought they wanted everyone to be nice. Isn’t that why they made it look like group therapy. Kevin says it is simple why he is going to win. With Sami Zayn out of the picture.

Seth takes credit for that.

Kevin says now that Sami is out of the picture he can focus on the Universal Title. Kevin says he is a prize fighter. Seth talks big, but Kevin says he delivers big. Kevin says Roman fights hard, but he fights smart. Big Cass . . . you’re just really tall. Does that count for something?

Colin says it does.

Kevin points out that Colin can talk for himself. He thought Colin had a string in his back for that idiot Enzo to pull so he could say How You Doin’.

Colin wants to know if Kevin thought that up himself or did Jericho write it for him.

Colin says he knows that he is new around here. He says he has never won a championship. That means he has nothing to lose. Nobody is expecting him to win.

Seth says that even Enzo bet against him.

Colin says he is not an underdog, he is the biggest dog in this fight. Colin tells Seth no matter what you think or what you have been telling yourself, size does matter.

Seth tells everyone to shut up and he is taking his time back. Seth says he is glad this match is under Elimination Rules because he will shove Colin’s words down his mouth. Then he will send Kevin back to his jabrone scarf wearing friend Chris Jericho. There are a few certainties, death, taxes, and Seth Rollins beats Roman Reigns. Seth wants Corey to asks Roman how will he beat Seth.

Roman is asked the question and Kevin laughs at the reaction to Roman. Roman punches Owens and then Rollins punches Colin. Roman sends Rollins into the corner.

Roman and Colin stand off in the center of the ring but Rollins hits Roman from behind. Roman punches Seth. Roman sends Colin to the floor and he hits Seth with a Superman punch.

Roman stands tall in the ring next to the title belt.

Match Number Eight:  Roman Reigns versus Seth Rollins versus Colin Cassady versus Kevin Owens in an Elimination Match for the WWE Universal Title

The bell rings and Owens goes to the floor to talk with Stephanie.  Colin and Roman pinball Seth and then Colin clotheslines Seth over the top rope to the floor.  Owens hits Roman from behind and Seth hits Colin from behind.  Owens sends roman into the turnbuckles and Colin chops Rollins.  Roman sends Owens into the turnbuckles and punches him.  Colin follows Rollins to the floor and Rollins kicks Colin.  Owens punches Roman while Seth and Colin return to the ring.

Rollins tries for a suplex but Colin blocks it and hits one and gets a near fall.  Colin punches Seth in the ribs and Owens returns to the ring and he is followed in by Roman.  Roman kicks Owens in the corner.  Rollins punches Colin and Roman picks up Owens.  Roman punches Owens and Colin with an Irish whip but Colin runs into a boot.  Rollins is knocked over the top rope by an uppercut by Colin.

Owens goes to the floor as well and Roman and Colin exchange punches.  Roman with a side head lock and flying clothesline and then Colin blocks a Superman punch.  Roman with elbows and then Colin with a running boot that sends Roman over the top rope to the floor and Colin goes over the top rope as well from the momentum of the kick. Rollins with a suicide dive onto Colin but Owens drops Rollins on the ringside barrier.  Owens grabs Colin and Roman with a plancha onto Kevin and Colin as we go to commercial.

We are back and everyone is still outside the ring.  Owens goes after Colin and goes to the apron and hits a Cactus Jack Elbow drop after gesturing to Foley.  Rollins throws Owens aside and Rollins gets a near fall on Colin.  Rollins with a reverse chin lock.  Owens comes in and he punches Rollins and kicks him to the floor.  Owens with a short arm clothesline to Colin and then knocks Roman off the apron before hitting a back senton and getting a near fall on Colin.  Owens punches Colin and Colin punches back.  Owens puts Colin’s leg in the rope and Owens kicks the thigh.  Owens sets up Colin in the corner and he is pulled from the ring before going for the cannonball.  Rollins sends Owens into the ringside barrier.

Rollins with a flatliner into the turnbuckles and hits a forearm in the corner.  Reigns with clotheslines to Rollins followed by a flying clothesline.  Reigns with one to Owens as well.  Colin with a boot to Reigns and he is the one left standing in the ring.  Colin with shoulder tackles followed by a Stinger Splash to Owens and Rollins in the same corner.  Colin with one to Rollins and then Owens.  Owens is knocked off the apron by Colin.  Rollins with a rollup on Colin for a near fall.  Colin with a slam and leaping elbow drop. Reigns with a Superman Punch to Colin.  Rollins moves when Reigns goes for a running shoulder in the corner.  Rollins with a super kick to Colin but he can only get a near fall.  Owens with a frog splash to Colin to pin him.

Colin Cassady Eliminated

We go to commercial.

We are back and Owens goes for a superplex but Reigns turns it into a tower of doom spot.  Reigns covers Owens and gets a near fall.  Roman gets a near fall on Rollins.  Reigns with Neverending Story to Rollins.  Reigns misses a short arm clothesline but Rollins misses a round kick.  Reigns with a kick to Rollins and he sets for the Superman punch and Rollins moves.  Rollins goes for an O’Connor Roll but Roman holds on.  Roman goes to the floor and he punches Rollins when Seth goes for a suicide dive.  Rollins stops a second Superman punch attempt and gets a near fall after a Falcon Arrow.

Rollins with a kick and he goes for the Pedigree but Rollins is sent to the apron.  Rollins goes up top and Roman with a superman punch and Roman can only get a near fall.  Roman sets for the spear but Rollins with a knee and enzuigiri.  Owens with a super kick to Rollins and he hits a cannonball on Roman and then one for Rollins.  Reigns with a superman punch and Owens kicks out.

Owens with a kick and Reigns with a Superman punch to counter the Pop Up Powerbomb.  Reigns with a rollup into a one arm sit out power bomb but Rollins kicks out.  Reigns goes to the floor for the Juggernaut Broad Jump Drop Kick on Rollins and then he hits a Superman punch off the steps to Owens.  Reigns with a spear to Rollins on the floor.  Triple H comes out and hits a Pedigree on Roman.

Hunter sends Roman back into the ring and he tells Rollins to do it.  Rollins crawls and covers Roman and pins him.

Roman Reigns Eliminated

Triple H rolls Owens back into the ring.  Hunter kicks Rollins and Pedigrees him and then Owens is in shock and he covers Rollins and pins him.

Winner:  Kevin Owens

Triple H raises Owens’ hand.

Hunter stops in front of Foley and Stephanie and then he walks away.

We go to credits.

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Published By: Lisa
Date: August 22nd

WWE.Com Digitals | Television Captures

Match Number Nine: WWE United States Title Match: Rusev (with Lana) versus Roman Reigns

We go tot he ring and Lana introduces her husband, WWE United States Champion Rusev. Roman Reigns is out next. Rusev attacks before the bell and they end up brawling out to the floor. Rusev destroys Reigns, using the steel and the barrier, and talks trash about how he treated Lana. Reigns fights back and hits a Superman punch. They continue unloading on each other as officials try to break it up. A steel chair comes into play and Reigns wails on Rusev with it before going back to right hands. Reigns mounts Rusev on the floor and unloads with rights as referees are still trying to separate them. Reigns comes back and mounts Rusev with headbutts.

Reigns comes back and beats on Rusev some more. Officials and trainers come to check on Rusev as Reigns is walked to the back by referees. Fans chant for Heath Slater. Rusev is tended to as Lana looks on concerned. JoJo announces that the ringside doctor has informed her that Rusev cannot compete. Rusev starts heading to the back but Reigns comes back out and spears him at ringside. We get replays and come back to Rusev down in pain. Reigns leaves again but stops to look back at the ring. We go to a break.

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Published By: Lisa
Date: August 16th

WWE.Com Digitals | Television Captures

Rusev and Lana are in the ring. Lana says that her and her husband will not leave the ring. All of you will listen to what they have to say.

Rusev says last week Roman ruined a historical event so there will be no Raw tonight. No matches tonight until Roman Reigns comes out and apologizes. He tells Roman he is waiting for him.

Mick Foley’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring but Rusev tells them to stop his stupid music.

Rusev responds to the fan’s chants for Foley and he knows who it is. Rusev tells Foley he is not General Manager without him and he is the greatest United States Champion ever. Rusev demands respect and he demands it now.

Foley tells Rusev to leave now because he got all of the time he wanted.

Rusev refuses to leave. He also says that when he told Foley he was the greatest leader of all Mankind, but he lied and says that Foley sucks. Rusev says that Reigns has done nothing to earn his title match. Rusev says that Foley is not the real authority so he wants Stephanie McMahon to come out since she knows what to do.

Stephanie McMahon’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring but she does not seem too happy.

Rusev invites Stephanie into the ring. He says Stephanie knows what it means to be married to a great superstar so she will understand.

Stephanie says that Rusev does not understand. He demands respect but he refuses to give it to Mick Foley, the General Manager.

Rusev says that he is the champion of this show and he deserves respect. He wants to know who Foley is. Rusev says maybe he will call little Daniel and her brother Shane since they appreciate Rusev.

Roman Reigns comes out and he says if an apology will end this, then he is sorry. He is sorry Rusev found that website where he met his wife. Rusev says that when they bump uglies, they will have the ugliest Sasquatch Babies.

Rusev calls Roman a pig and then he tells Roman to do that lip thing since you are so cool.

Roman says they are scheduled to fight at SummerSlam, but he does not want to wait so why not do it right now.

Stephanie says the Title Match is going to happen at SummerSlam.

Rusev says this is more than a SummerSlam title match, this is about his wife’s honor.

Mick says that at SummerSlam, it is about the title. He understands about defending his wife’s honor so tonight, Rusev will face Roman Reigns over Lana’s honor.

Backstage Segment

Roman Reigns is in the back and Tom Phillips asks Roman what can we expect.  Roman says he is going to represent his bloodline and whoop some ass.  He is ready for anything.  Roman says he wants this to be the Big Fight . . .

Rusev attacks Roman from behind and sends him into a case.  Roman with punches but Rusev Irish whips Roman into a metal door and hits a splash.  Roman gets bieled onto catering.  Officials come to break things up.

We go to commercial.

Lana is in the ring and she says that Roman Reigns learned why you do not mess with the Russian Princess.  She wants everyone to get up for the man who will uphold her honor tonight. . . . Rusev.

Match Number Nine:  Rusev (with Lana) vs. Roman Reigns in a Match for the Honor of Lana . . . not a Title Match

Reigns kicks and punches Rusev as he enters the ring.  Rusev punches Roman and kicks him in the corner.  Rusev sends Roman into the corner but Roman with an Irish whip and thrust kick.  Roman with a drop kick to Rusev and he struggles to get back into the ring and goes back to the floor.  Rusev Irish whips Reigns into the ringside barrier and the ring post.  We go to commercial.

We are back and Rusev with an elbow drop and we see footage from the commercial of Rusev sending Roman’s arm into the ring post.  Rusev stomps on the leg.  Rusev chokes Roman in the ropes in front of Lana.  Roman punches Rusev and follows with a kick.  Rusev wtih a kick but Roman with a Samoan drop and both men are still down.  Roman with punches and clotheslines.  Roman with a flying clothesline.  Roman misses a splash into the turnbuckles and Roman is sent shoulder first into the ring post.  Rusev slams the injured hand into the ring steps.

Rusev stomps on the injured arm and then he breaks up the count before returning to the floor.  Rusev Irish whips Roman into the ring steps.   Rusev grabs his title belt and the referee stells him he cannot use it.  Rusev does not listen, but Roman punches Rusev before he can use it.  Roman gets sent into the ringside barrier.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rusev has a mic and he tells everyone to keep cheering for the Russian and Bulgarian.

Rusev returns to the ring and he kicks Roman.  Rusev continues to work on the ribs and arm.  Rusev with a choke on Reigns and the referee checks to see if Roman is still conscious. Reigns with head butts and Rusev with a kick and shoulder tackle.  Rusev pulls Reigns into the corner and puts him on the turnbuckles.  Rusev sets for a superplex but Reigns blocks it. Reigns head butts Rusev and punches him to send Rusev to the mat.  Reigns with a clothesline off the turnbuckles.

Rusev misses a charge into the corner and Reigns with the Neverending Story followed by a belly-to-back into a uranage for a near fall.  Reigns gets back to his feet and he signals for the Superman punch and Rusev avoids it and Rusev hits a jumping spin kick and gets a near fall.  Rusev goes to the turnbuckles for a diving head butt and he gets a near fall.  Rusev with another diving head butt from the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Rusev hits a third diving head butt but Roman kicks out.  Rusev gets the proper motivation from his bride.  Rusev goes to the turnbuckles again and hits a fourth diving head butt. Rusev gets a near fall.  Rusev goes for number five but Roman moves out of the way.  Rusev and Roman exchange punches.  Reigns takes control and connects with forearms and then clotheslines Rusev over the top rope to the floor.  Reigns goes for a Superman punch off the steps but Rusev with a kick to the ribs.  Rusev rolls Reigns back into the ring and it is Matchka time.  Rusev leaps into a Superman punch and Roman gets a near fall.

Reigns signals for the spear but Rusev with a kick and a round kick to the temple for a near fall.  Rusev stomps on the back and he sets for the Accolade but Reigns fights the hold. Reigns goes for a Superman punch and Rusev with a shoulder block.  Rusev with a kick and the Accolade is applied.  Reigns reaches for the rope with his bad arm and gets there.  Rusev is frustrated and he waits for Roman to get up.  Rusev is sent to the floor but he comes back in and Reigns with a spear for the three count.

Winner:  Roman Reigns

We go to credits.


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