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Brothers will band together against a twisted family at WWE SummerSlam, as Roman Reigns will team with Dean Ambrose to take on the recently reunited Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper.

Since costing Reigns the Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match in June, The New Face of Fear has targeted Reigns by taunting him with photos of his daughter and repeating the mantra, “Anyone but you.” Wyatt and Reigns squared off at WWE Battleground, and as The Big Dog looked to have his adversary beat, a hooded Harper emerged to aid his former leader.

The next night, Wyatt made it clear that he and Harper were still family, and Reigns seemed to be fighting an uphill battle. That all changed when The Lunatic Fringe emerged to support his friend, resulting in a chaotic brawl following Reigns’ match against Harper. When Wyatt and Harper emerged on the following SmackDown to cost Ambrose his match with Sheamus, it became evident that they had not taken Ambrose’s meddling lightly.

The Eater of Worlds elaborated on his reunion with Harper by recounting how he found his comrade as a “damaged man,” and “fixed him” so he could one day set him free. Harper, in turn, credits Wyatt for saving him from what he perceives to be the world’s cruelty. Wyatt warned Ambrose to stay away from his issue with Reigns, but the former Shield brothers have proven that their bond, too, is unbreakable.

Refusing to back down, Reigns laid down the challenge for a “family war” on the August 6 edition of SmackDown. In doing so, he promised that Wyatt, who accepted the challenge later that night, would be “picking the teeth out of his beard” when The Big Dog and The Lunatic Fringe got done with him and Harper.

Which team will prove to be the stronger surrogate family? Watch WWE SummerSlam, live on Aug. 23 at 7 ET/4 PT on the award-winning WWE Network, to find out.

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When Roman Reigns won the 2014 Superstar of the Year Slammy, it seemed the WWE Universe had picked its new icon.

His post-Slammy coronation has yet to come, though. Reigns watched the man who stabbed him in the back, Seth Rollins, stand tall at the end of WrestleMania 31 in what many believed would be Reigns’ moment. His attempt at redemption fell flat at Money in the Bank, thanks to Bray Wyatt.

The Big Dog dominates at Survivor Series | Reigns wins the Royal Rumble

Reigns has wrestling in his blood, but he’s got a chip on his shoulder now, too. A hungry Superstar fights through the hard times, and even though The Big Dog now sits in a career valley thanks to Rollins and Wyatt, he never lost sight of the mountaintop. — JEFF LABOON


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Premium VIP sessions
Thursday, March 26
8:00 PM – WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan
8:00 PM – Roman Reigns

Friday, March 27
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Saturday, March 28
10:00 AM – Sting

Sunday, March 29
8:00 AM – WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels

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Thursday, March 26
6:00 PM – WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair

Saturday, March 28
8:00 AM – Daniel Bryan
1:00 PM – Randy Orton
3:00 PM – Bray Wyatt
6:00 PM – Dean Ambrose
8:00 PM – Seth Rollins

Sunday, March 29
10:00 AM – WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart

Note: If you are attending the session and is interested in donating candids, news, or videos to us, feel free to send us a email at or send us a tweet @RomanReignsNet. Owners of any material that is donated to us will be fully credited.

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#8  Roman Reigns

Remember that early episode of “Total Divas” where Eva Marie and JoJo had a minor freak-out when they ran into Roman Reigns in the gym? Right then you could’ve tagged the 2015 Royal Rumble Match winner as WWE’s next big thing, because what other guy could intimidate a roomful of dudes while making Maxim models go weak in the knees just by showing up? Reigns is a rare breed, the kind of performer who can have a faceoff with Brock Lesnar or a walk-on as a reality show heartthrob and appear just as convincing in each. Believe that.

Credit: WWE.Com

View the complete list here

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If you’re looking for a Superstar to follow in 2015, the line starts behind Roman Reigns.

The WWE Universe can’t take their eyes off him. That became clear when, despite being sidelined for nearly three months due to injury, Reigns was voted as the 2014 Superstar of the Year. The people have spoken; they see his potential to one day become “the man.”

Dissecting the year Reigns had, however, isn’t as important as studying the building blocks of what could be a historic WWE career. From his rapid recovery to his Royal Rumble and Survivor Series records to his dominating efforts against Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and others, the former Shield strongman has proven he can overcome nearly any obstacle.

Can Reigns build upon those past successes to reach the summit? The WWE Universe’s gaze will undoubtedly remain upon him in 2015 until the answer comes into focus. — MATTHEW ARTUS

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ALIGNMENT: “I think I’d be both [a hero and a villain] like Wolverine. He’s a hero, but it’s not really by his choosing. He’s still edgy and kind of a loner. So a bit of a lone wolf hero.”

POWERS: Health regeneration; ability to control metal

COSTUME: “I’d probably keep it similar to what I wear now. I like to think I have the coolest gear in all of WWE history and I’m willing to argue that until the day of my death.”

ARCHENEMY: “Captain America. He sucks.”

ALTER EGO: “I don’t think I would hide it. I would just be in Superman mode the whole time. There is no nerd version of my superhero; he’s just a man all the time.”

WEAKNESS: “No weakness. I would never explain my weakness. You can’t do that, it’s ridiculous.”

Credit: WWE.Com

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“Game of Thrones” and “Road to Paloma” star Jason Momoa and Roman Reigns

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LOS ANGELES — The next generation of WWE video games now has its roster.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles, an enthusiastic SummerSlam Confidential Panel audience learned which Superstars and Divas will appear in WWE 2K15, the latest edition of the revered video game series. The involvement of squared circle luminaries like Sting and Hulk Hogan has already been announced by WWE and 2K, and Saturday’s roster reveal event at Club Nokia at LA LIVE — which was hosted by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin — confirmed which stars the WWE Universe can choose for their dream match showdowns when WWE 2K15 hits the shelves this fall.

The WWE 2K15 roster includes:

AJ Lee
Alberto Del Rio
Bad News Barrett
Big E
Big Show
Booker T
Bray Wyatt
Brie Bella
Brock Lesnar
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Curtis Axel
Damien Sandow
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler
Erick Rowan
Hulk Hogan
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena
Justin Gabriel
Kevin Nash
Kofi Kingston
Luke Harper
Mark Henry
Nikki Bella
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam
Roman Reigns
Santino Marella
Seth Rollins
Shawn Michaels
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Summer Rae
The Miz
The Rock
The Undertaker
Titus O’Neil
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
Xavier Woods
In addition to the roster, Renee Young gave the WWE Universe an extra treat by announcing at the panel that WWE’s developmental brand, NXT, will be featured in WWE 2K15’s myCareer mode. Players will start their career in WWE NXT and have to work their way up the ranks against WWE’s brightest prospects in order to make it to the stages of Raw, SmackDown and beyond.

WWE 2K15 is not yet rated by the ESRB and is currently scheduled for release on October 28, 2014, in North America and October 31, 2014, internationally.

Here’s a picture of what Roman Reigns looks like in the game.

WWE2K15_ROMAN_REIGNS_CL_050114 (1)



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