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Match Number Six:  WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match:  Roman Reigns versus AJ Styles

They lock up and Reigns pushes AJ into the corner.  Styles with a side head lock.  Reigns goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Styles lands on his feet and kicks Reigns.  Styles with kicks to the leg and he works on the arm with an arm bar.  Reigns with a back drop but Styles with an arm drag that sends Reigns to the floor.  Reigns returns to the ring.  Reigns sends Styles into the corner and Styles escapes and he connects with a forearm.  Styles goes to the floor and he tells Reigns to come out after him.  Reigns goes tot he floor and Styles returns and he kicks Reigns.  Styles wtih forearms and Reigns with a shoulder tackle that sends Styles to the floor.

Styles gets back into the ring and AJ kicks Reigns in the leg.  Reigns with a forearm to the back.  Styles with a kick and forearm.  Styles with a waist lock but Reigns with an elbow.  Reigns with a clothesline that flips Styles.  Reigns wtih a rollup into a one arm power bomb.  Reigns with a sit out power bomb for a near fall.  Reigns sets for the Superman punch but Styles with an enzuigiri.  Styles with forearms and a clothesline followed by a snap mare and sliding forearm for a near fall.  Styles hits the Ushigoroshi for a near fall.  Styles wtih a chop and then he gets sent to the apron.  Styles with a foraerm and Reigns catches Styles off the ropes.  Reigns gets Styles on his shoulders but Styles with elbows.  Styles with the Calf Crusher but Reigns is able to get to the ropes.

Styles with a forearm to knock Reigns off the apron.  Styles sets for a springboard move and hits the Phenomenal Forearm and the table explodes.  Styles gets to his feet first and he drags Reigns to the ring and Styles gets in at nine but Reigns stays on the floor.

Winner:  AJ Styles (by countout)

After the match, Shane McMahon comes out and he says that may have been how things ended in the old era.  That is not how a championship match will be defined in the new era.  The match will be restarted wtih No Countouts.

Match Number Six Part Two: WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match:  Roman Reigns versus AJ Styles (in a No Count Out Match)

Styles rolls Reigns back in and Styles goes up top.  Reigns with a jaw breaker.  Styles with forearms and a back fist followed by a Pele Kick.  Styles goes up top for a 450 splash but Reigns gets his knees up and Reigns gets a near fall.  Styles with a springboard move but Reigns knees Styles in the ding ding area.

Winner:  AJ Styles (by disqualification)

After the match, Stephanie McMahon comes out and says that this is a new era and matches will not end in disqualification.

Match Number Six Part Three: WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match:  Roman Reigns versus AJ Styles (in a No Count Out or No Disqualification Match)

Styles with forearms and Reigns puts Styles on the turnbuckles and connects with an uppercut and Styles falls to the floor.  Reigns sends Styles into the announce table and then connects with a running boot.  Styles is sent into the crowd and Reigns follows.  Styles with a flying clothesline to Reigns and Reigns hits his head on the announce table.  Styles with a knee to the back.  Styles rolls Reigns back into the ring and sets for the Phenomenal forearm but Reigns with a Superman punch and Styles kicks out.  Reigns with another Superman Punch and Reigns sets for the spear but Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson pull Styles from the ring.

Reigns goes after Gallows and Anderson and they fight off Reigns.  Anderson with the Boot of Doom and then Gallows and Anderson leave the ring.

Styles recovers and he sees that Reigns is down.

Styles sets for the Phenomenal Forearm and he connects but Reigns gets his foot on the rope at the last moment.

The Usos come out and they go after Anderson and Gallows and they brawl at ringside.

Styles goes up top and Reigns press slams Styles onto Gallows, Anderson, Jimmy, and Jey.

Reigns with a plancha onto everyone but Styles.  Styles with a forearm off the ringside barrier.  Styles picks up Reigns and rolls him into the ring.  Styles hits the springboard 450 splash but Reigns kicks out.  Styles tries for the Styles Clash but Reigns counters into a back body drop that sends Styles to the apron.  Styles drops Reigns on the apron and then goes for a springboard move and Reigns avoids it.  Reigns with a spear for the three count.

Winner:  Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns’ entrance sets off the fireworks on the top of AT&T Stadium.

Match Number Nine:  WWE Championship Match:  Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon) versus Roman Reigns 

They circle each other and lock up.  Triple H with a side head lock take down.  Hunter with a hammer lock but Roman with a shoulder tackle.  Roman and Hunter try for hip tosses and Hunter sends Roman over the top rope to the floor.  Hunter holds the ropes open for Roman.  Roman gets back into the ring.  They circle each other more and then they lock up.  Hunter with a wrist lock.  Hunter works on the shoulder.  Roman with a knee and he mocks Hunter.  Hunter slaps Roman and they lock up.  Hunter backs Roman into the corner and the referee tries to separate them.  Hunter has a punch blocked and Roman with a punch.  Roman with a head butt, but Hunter wtih a knee.  Roman with an Irish whip and Hunter moves.  Hunter with a Northern Lariat.  Hunter with a forearm to the back of the head.  Hunter with a knee drop to the back of the head.  Hunter punches Roman in the nose.  Roman with a punch.

Roman with more punches and a clothesline.  Roman with a flying clothesline.  Roman is sent to the apron and Roman drops Hunter on the top rope.  Roman with a Drive By and he gets a near fall.  Roman with Neverending Story and Stephanie gets on the apron.  The referee does not see Hunter hitting Roman low.  The referee checks on Hunter.  Hunter with a reverse atomic drop and he hits a second one and gets a near fall.  Hunter punches Roman in the corner and he targets the nose.  Hunter with another punch to the nose.  Hunter sends Roman into the turnbuckles as he continues to focus on the nose.  Hunter wtih another punch.  Roman blocks a punch and Roman pnches back.  Hunter and Roman exchange punches.

Hunter with a spinebuster for a near fall.  Hunter with more punches to Roman.  Hunter sends Roman to the floor.  Hunter follows Roman to the floor.  Hunter slams Roman’s head into the German announce table.  He does it a second time.  Hunter does it a third time.  Hunter tries a fourth time and Roman blocks it and Roman sends Hunter’s head into the announce table.  Hunter with a kick and he sends Roman over the announce table and he takes out the German announce team to get the spare.  Hunter goes back into the ring to break the count.  Roman gets on the announce table and he punches Hunter and connects with a head butt.  Hunter runs at Roman and hits a swinging neck breaker that pulls Reigns off the announce table.

Hunter returns to the ring.  Reigns gets back to the apron and Hunter with knees to Roman.  Hunter hangs Roman over the middle rope and he kicks Roman.  Hunter goes to the turnbuckles for a knee to the back of the head.  Hunter gets a near fall.  Hunter wtih knees and he drops Roman on the top rope and Hunter goes up again.  Roman sees him coming and Roman with an uppercut as he comes off.  Roman tries to recover on the apron. Roman with an elbow and a kick.  Roman holds his ribs and he hits a running clothesline into the corner.  Roman runs into a boot from Hunter and Hunter runs into a Samoan drop.   Roman gets a near fall.

Roman gets to his feet first and he sets for the Superman punch but Hunter sees it coming and he goes to the floor.  Roman follows to the floor and he sets to come off the ring steps but Stephanie warns him, but he does not hear her and Roman with a clothesline off the steps.  Roman sends Huner into the ring steps.  Roman sends Hunter into the ring steps on the other side of the ring.  Roman sends Hunter back into the ring and Hunter rolls to the floor.  Roman sends Hunter into the ring steps.  Hunter throws Roman over the announce table again.

Reigns with a spear through the ringside barrier.  Both men are down on the floor and Roman is the first man up.  Roman pulls Hunter back into the ringside area.  Roman puts Hunter back into the ring and Roman returns in time.  Roman holds his wrist and the referee wants to know if he wants to continue.  Stephanie says Roman wants to forfeit.  Roman is okay and he tries for the Superman punch but Hunter blocks it and applies a Fujiwara arm bar.  Roman gets to the ropes.  Hunter with a stump puller on the arm as he manipulates the hand.  Roman wll not give up.  Roman is able to straighten his arm to escape and Roman tries for a power bomb but Hunter with a cross arm breaker.

Roman picks up Hunter and hits a sit out power bomb for a near fall.  Hunter with a cross arm breaker.  Roman with another power bomb and the hold is released.  Both men are down and they struggle to get back to their feet.  Hunter gets to his knees and Roman is back to his feet.  Roman sets for the spear but Hunter with a kick.  Hunter tries for a Pedigree but Roman with a back body drop that sends Hunter over the top rope to the floor.

Roman sets for a plancha but Hunter with a forearm.  Roman with a spear and Stephanie pulls the referee out.  Roman gets a near fall.  Stephanie gets on the apron and the referee does not want to hear from Stephanie.  Stephanie gets in the ring and yells at the referee.  Hunter pulls himself up using the referee.  Roman tries to spear Hunter, but Hunter moves and Roman spears Stephanie.  Hunter with a Pedigreee but Reigns kicks out.

Hunter picks up Roman again and Roman with a punch.  Hunter with a facebuster but Roman bounces off the ropes and hits a Superman punch.  Roman waits for Hunter to get up and Roman runs into a high knee from Hunter.  Hunter gets a near fall.  Hunter reaches for the GameHammer from Stephanie.  The referee warns Hunter.  Hunter pushes the referee and Roman with a Superman Punch to Hunter and he hits a second one but Hunter still holds on to the sledgehammer.  Reigns with a spear when Hunter misses with the GameHammer.  Reigns gets the three count.

Winner:  Roman Reigns

After the match, Roman celebrates in the ring and pyro goes off on the stage and on the top of the stadium.

We go to credits.

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During Wrestlemania Week, WWE Superstars and Divas along with fans from around the world ascend on a city and take it over. This year, Superstars such as Roman Reigns have little to no time to take in the views of Dallas before it’s time for interviews and meet and greets. The stars barely get quiet time because of so many fans are out looking for the perfect selfie or autograph. Roman has been very busy when it comes to preparing for the biggest night of the year. He did interviews such as WAND 17, the video posted above and appeared at Wrestlemania Axxess. Soon it is time for the fanciest night in WWE, all of the superstars get dressed up for the special night when the Hall of Fame Class of 2016 will be inducted. If you missed any of the interviews so far, check out the highlights from Wrestlemania Week below.

Wrestlemania Media Day Digitals
Make A Wish Meet & Greet Digitals
WrestleMania Axxess Day 3 Digitals
Backstage At The Hall of Fame Digitals

Videos and Screencaptures
WAND 17 Interview
WAND 17 Interview screencaptures

Roman Reigns Talks Wrestlemania 32
Roman Talks Wrestlemania screencaptures

Roman Reigns Talks Wrestlemania 32
Roman Reigns Talks Wrestlemania screencaptures

Roman Wants No Bad Vibes For Wrestlemania Match
Roman Wants No Bad Vibes For His Wrestlemania Match screencaptures

Hot Minute: Roman Reigns
Hot Minute:Roman Reigns screencaptures

CSN Chicago Interview

Hall Of Fame Red Carpet

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Having left Triple H in a pile of flatscreen fragments and stitches last week, Roman Reigns has now set his sights on The Authority’s power itself. Despite Stephanie McMahon’s continued bravado in the face of The Big Dog’s warpath, Reigns certainly did his part to stake his claim on The Authority’s territory in Raw’s opening moments. Not only did he more or explicitly promise Ms. McMahon that he would dethrone The King of Kings at WrestleMania, he blocked Stephanie’s attempt at a retaliatory slap to the face. Yep. He is ready.
Opening Segment/In-Depth Review

We are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Michael Cole, John Layfield, and Byron Saxton.

Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring.

Stephanie welcomes everyone to Raw.  She says that she has some bad news.  Her husband Triple H will not be here tonight.  Stephanie says that if you want a refund, you have sixty seconds to go to the box office.  Stephanie says that Hunter has corporate responsibilities with the company and that is why he is not here.  It is not because of Roman Reigns’ brutal attack on her husband after he beat Dolph Ziggler last week.  That is when Roman proved why he will not be WWE Champion.  He lacks intellect.  Why risk the title match at Wrestlemania?  It is short sighted.

Stephanie says this is a teaching moment when you can finally learn about the meaning of success.  She says they can buy anything and anyone.

Roman Reigns’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Stephanie calls Roman opportunistic.  You wait until she says that her husband is not here and you come to the ring to try to intimidate her.  She tells Roman this is her ring and her arena and her husband is going to win at Wrestlemania.

Roman takes the mic and shushes Stephanie.

Roman asks the people if they want to know the real reason why Triple H isn’t here.  It is because Triple H knew that he was going to get his ass kicked all over Broad Street.  If you thought last week was bad, wait until Wrestlemania.  He is going to walk into her stadium and go into her ring and beat her husband to take his title.  Roman says there is nothing that you or your daddy’s money can do about it.

Stephanie tries to slap Roman but Roman blocks it and he says that he is the authority.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Stephanie is getting ready to leave Raw and a vehicle backs up and Hunter emerges.  Stephanie gets in and they open the gate to get out but Roman Reigns is standing there.

Roman walks at a brisk pace and the vehicle does not move.  Reigns opens the door and pulls Hunter out while Stephanie screams uncontrolably.  Hunter punches Reigns and the vehicle drives away.

We go to commercial.

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The 859th edition of WWE Thursday Night SmackDown came to you from the FedExForum in Memphis, TN. After RAW concluded with Brock Lesnar leveling his ‘brother’ Dean Ambrose with the F-5 in the middle of the ring and with the Triple Threat Match to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania quickly approaching, Roman Reigns would be in action on SmackDown as Reigns would go one-on-one with “The Bulgarian Brute” Rusev.

With Fastlane just a few weeks away where he, along with his ‘brother’ Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar, will compete in a Triple Threat Match to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, SmackDown kicks off with Roman Reigns as Roman would go one-on-one with “The Bulgarian Brute” Rusev, with his League of Nations brethren King Barrett & Alberto Del Rio in his corner. During the match, Roman Reigns had Rusev right where he wanted him as he sized “The Bulgarian Brute” up for the Superman Punch, but that is when King Barrett & Alberto Del Rio would get involved, pulling Reigns out of the ring for the disqualification. Del Rio then throws Reigns into the barricade before Dean Ambrose rushes out to make the save and, after taking it to Rusev, the Intercontinental Champion would dive off of the ring apron, but Barrett & Del Rio would move out of the way and Ambrose would inadvertently strike Reigns! Del Rio then levels Ambrose with a kick to the face before Ambrose is rolled back into the ring where Rusev locks the Accolade in on the Intercontinental Champion. Reigns then storms the ring with a steel chair and The League of Nations makes a quick exit from the ring.

JoJo is in the interview area with Roman Reigns. She asks him about the miscommunication they had earlier and if it will affect their match. Roman says they are never on the same page. He says that Dean is crazy and Roman digs that. They have their own styles. That was an accident earlier. At Fastlane, it won’t be an accident, it will be serious. Tonight, they will ride together and fight together. They will also win together, believe that.Then it was time for the main event as, after a battle earlier in the night, Roman Reigns would team with his ‘brother’ Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose to face League of Nations’ members Rusev & Alberto Del Rio, with King Barrett in their corner. During the match, Alberto Del Rio would have Roman Reigns on the outside and Dean Ambrose would go for a dive to take out Del Rio, but King Barrett would pull Del Rio out of the way and Ambrose would nearly take Roman out again. The confrontation between Reigns and Ambrose would then be interrupted when Reigns drops a charging Rusev with the Superman Punch. Roman then rolls Rusev back into the ring, connecting with the Spear and pinning Rusev to pick up the win for himself and Ambrose. Reigns & Ambrose then stand tall in the ring, managing to remain on a unified front despite a couple of inadvertent incidents.

In-Depth Review
Match Number Seven: Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns versus Rusev and Alberto Del Rio (with Wade Barrett)Rusev and Ambrose start things off and Ambrose with a waist lock into a side head lock and take down. Ambrose with a wrist lock and he gets Rusev to the mat. Ambrose kicks Rusev I the arm and follows with a side head lock. Rusev with a shoulder tackle and Ambrose with a drop toe hold and he rubs Rusev’s face in the mat. Ambrose with a chop and he tags in Reigns. Reigns punches Rusev. Reigns with a kick to Rusev followed by a punch. Rusev fires back. They go back and forth until Reigns gets the advantage.

Rusev with a kick and then Rusev with a round kick for a near fall. Del Rio tags in and he goes to the turnbuckles and hits a double sledge. Del Rio with a reverse chin lock. Reigns with punches to the ribs and head. Reigns runs into a boot and Del Rio with a clothesline. Del Rio gets a near fall. Rusev tags in and he kicks Reigns in the midsection. Rusev with a short arm clothesline and he knocks Ambrose off the apron.

Rusev with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Rusev with kicks to the back. Rusev chokes Reigns in the ropes and then Del Rio chokes Reigns when Rusev takes the referee out of position. Rusev taunts Reigns and goes after Ambrose. Reigns with a Samoan drop. Ambrose tags in and hits a few running forearms and follows with a clothesline in the corner and a bulldog. Ambrose goes up top and he hits a missile drop kick.

Ambrose swings at Del Rio and then Ambrose drops down and Rusev goes over the top rope to the floor. Ambrose with a suicide dive onto Rusev. They get back into the ring and Ambrose goes for a cross body but Rusev catches him. Rusev goes for a uranage but Ambrose escapes and Ambrose with a rollup for a near fall. Ambrose goes for the double underhook DDT.

Rusev with a round kick and Ambrose falls into the ropes and bounces back and hits a clothesline. Reigns makes the tag and he hits the Juggernaut Broad Jump drop kick on Rusev. Reigns with a punch to knock Del Rio off the apron. Reigns sets for the Superman punch and Barrett gets on the apron. Reigns avoids Rusev and Reigns with a Superman punch but Del Rio breaks up the cover with a kick. Del Rio punches Reigns. Ambrose with a suicide dive but he misses Del Rio and he hits Reigns but Reigns catches him. Reigns and Ambrose talk and then Reigns moves Dean out of the way and he hits Rusev with a Superman punch. Del Rio is sent into the announce table by Ambrose. Reigns with a spear to Rusev for the three count.

Winners: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose


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The World Heavyweight Champion Roman makes his way to the ring first in the main event tag team match. His partner The Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose comes out. Kevin Owens makes his way out to the ring next. Sheamus is the last to make his way to the ring.

The crowd starts off by having a little fun with Sheamus telling him that he looks stupid. Roman and Sheamus start by locking arms. Roman takes Sheamus and twists his arm behind his back. Sheamus gets free enough to elbow Roman in the nose. Sheamus then elbows Roman again and runs him into the corner. Sheamus tried launching Roman into the other corner but Roman blocked it and punched him in the face. Reigns gets a few hits on Sheamus, before Sheamus counters and gets a few hits and kicks on Roman. Roman tries for the Samoan Drop but Sheamus gets out of it so Reigns delivers a neck breaker. Roman delivers a clothesline sending Sheamus flying out of the ring. Roman tagged in Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose launches over the top rope on Sheamus knocking him on the floor.Sheamus gets back into the ring and so does Ambrose. Sheamus lands a kick to Ambrose. Sheamus goes over and tags in Kevin Owens. Kevin Owens lands punches to Dean Ambrose while he is still down. Owens continues kicking and punching until Dean gets up and ducks. He then lands a punch to Owens. Dean continues to dominate over Owens with a Running Bulldog. Ambrose tries Dirty Deeds but Owens rolls out of the ring. Dean goes after him and runs his head into the announce table. Ambrose then runs him into the barricades. Ambrose tried Power Bombing but Owens blocked it and sent Dean back first into the ring. Owens gives one final kick to the back of Ambrose.

After the commercial break, we see Owens punching Dean into the mat. Owens then puts a sleeper on Dean and soon Dean powers out of it. Owens kicks Dean in the midsection. Owens then runs Dean into the corner and tags in Sheamus.
Sheamus gives a few punches to Dean’s back. He then suplexes Dean into the mat. Sheamus goes on offense and dominates Dean with a sleeper hold. Dean and Sheamus go back and forth until Sheamus kicks Dean. Sheamus then tries to stay on top of Dean, and then he attempts White Noise but Dean counters and rolls up Sheamus in a pin. He gets a two count. Sheamus tries backing Dean in the corner to tag in Owens, but Dean elbows Owens. He then punches Sheamus and when Sheamus comes back towards him, he moves and Sheamus goes flying shoulder first into the ring post. Owens comes in and overtakes Dean. Owens tries to send Dean to the outside of the ring but Dean blocks it and clotheslines Owens.

Double tag. Roman and Sheamus are both tagged in. Reigns comes in on fire knocking Sheamus down to the mat several times. Roman then clotheslines Sheamus into the corner 10 times and gives off one powerful punch. Roman continues his reign on top by Samoan Dropping Sheamus into the mat. Roman gets the crowd ready for the Samoan Punch and Owens tries to block him from doing it and he gets punched. Roman then delivers a Samoan Punch to Sheamus. Roman roars his way into setting up the Spear but Kevin Owens gets involved again by sending Roman into the ring post initiating a low blow technique. The referee calls for the bell.

Kevin Owens and Sheamus both set out a brutal assault on Roman Reigns. Both men send Reigns into the steel steps. Then they send him over the announce table. They are set out to prove a point until Dean high flies from inside the ring on top of Sheamus. Ambrose is on top of Sheamus punching him until Kevin Owens gives him a Super kick to the head. Kevin Owens then sets up Dean for the Puff Puff Power Bomb through the announce table. Sheamus picks up Roman to make him watch, but Roman had no intentions of doing so. Roman punched Sheamus and then jumped over the announce table to give Kevin Owens a brutal Superman Punch. Sheamus then comes back trying to go after Dean, but Dean bounces Sheamus’s head off of the ring post and when he turns around Roman spears him.

Roman and Dean are given their belts as they celebrate standing tall on top of the announce table as Smackdown goes off the air.

MATCH RESULT: Sheamus & Kevin Owens Disqualified
Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose are your winners

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Backstage, Dean Ambrose was warming up.  Roman Reigns walked in.  Dean said he was looking for him.  Roman said he was coming from seeing the Usos and they said it’s up to them to do it for the family.  Roman said he can’t wait to be on the top of the ladder getting the belt back and breaking his knuckles on Sheamus’ face.  He said that tonight, win lose or draw is about making a statement.  Dean said he has a vision of them as the champions at the end of the night and then having an amazing after-party.

WWE World Heavyweight champion Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns

Sheamus charged and Reigns drilled him with a right hand in a takeoff of the Connor McGregor UFC KO.  A “We want Cena/Cena Sucks” back and forth chant started.  The announcers have to ignore that obviously.    They went back and forth with some really physical stuff and brawld to the floor.  Roman backdropped him into the timekeeper’s area.  Sheamus charged out of there and attacked Roman.  Some nice intensity early on.

Roman was bridging a ladder between the apron and the table.  Sheamus flung a chair across his back and then nailed him with another.   Roman returned to the ring.  Sheamus followed, sliding a table in as well.   Roman nailed him with a clothesline that sent them both over the top to the floor.  He sent Sheamus into a ladder, nearly wiping out a cameraman.  He dragged Sheamus to the aisle and tossed him into furniture that was set up as set decoration a number of times.

Roman went for a suplex but Sheamus backdropped him through a table.  Sheamus returned to the ringside area and brought a ladder into the ring, hoping to retrieve his championship belt. Roman returned and they returned to the floor battling.  Roman went for the apron dropkick but was clotheslined in mid-flight.  Sheamus beat him with a chair.  He nailed White Noise through a table on the floor.

Sheamus returned to the ring but Roman tried to follow.  Sheamus beat him with a ladder and then went for a move but Roman caught him and deadlifted him into a powerbomb on a ladder.   Sheamus recovered but was nailed with a flying clothesline.  Roman charged and dove off the ringsteps, drilling Sheamus with a chair.  This is a stiff, physical match and I am loving it.

Roman set up for the Superman Punch but was caught and nailed with the Irish Curse.  A pretty loud NXT chant rang out in the hallowed halls of Boston.  Sheamus battered Roman across the chest with punches  Roman pulled Sheamus on his shoulders and fell backwards, smashing the ladder that was bridged across the apron and the announcer’s table in half.

Roman recovered first and set up the ladder.  He made it to the top but Sheamus pulled him down.  Roman pulled him down from the ladder and climbed up.  Sheamus attacked him with shots to the back and tried to powerbomb him off the ladder, but Reigns slipped out and nailed a Superman Punch.  He climbed to the top of the ladder but Sheamus pulled it down  and Reigns crashed rudely to the mat.

Sheamus went to the top and grabbed the belt but before he could unhook it, Roman charged up the ladder and nailed a Superman Punch.  Sheamus crashed through the table below.  Roman went to the top for the belt but Alberto Del Rio and Rusev attacked Roman.  Roman was pulled to the outside and put in the Accolade.  He broke free and nailed Rusev and ADR with Superman Punches.

Roman pulled Sheamus down off the ladder but was drilled with a Brogue Kick.  Reigns was sent to the floor.  Sheamus was shocked to see him return but before Reigns could do anything, Sheamus had pulled the belt down.

Your winner and still WWE World Heavyweight champion, Sheamus!

A stiff, physical main event that may have been the best performance for either man in a long time.

The League of Nations had Sheamus on their shoulders after. Roman speared them and then grabbed a chair and began beating the hell out of all of them to close the PPV.

Triple H and Stephanie came out with a horde of referees but he wouldn’t stop. The crowd got behind him, chanting his name. HHH got on the apron trying to calm Reigns down. He got into the ring to help Sheamus and you could guess what was coming next.

HHH asked him what was the matter with him and told him that he lost. Reigns looked down at the chair he had on the mat the Superman Punched HHH. He attacked HHH with the chair and began beating the hell out of him. HHH rolled out of the ring. Reigns went for the Spanish Announcer’s table and prepared it for carnage. He slammed HHH’s head into the table and drilled him with a right hand. Roman powerbombed HHH on the table, which did not break. He went on the other table and dropped an elbow, which did crush HHH through the table. Roman said he knows he’s going to be fired but it doesn’t matter now.

They had Stephanie over HHH concerned as officials and EMTs checked on him. The crowd chanted, “Thank you Roman” which is a hell of a lot better than the “We want Cena” he got at the start of the main event.

HHH was being walked out when Roman charged and speared him. Stephanie swore Roman was going to pay for this. Roman walked away and said, “Something’s going to change now” and posed for the crowd.

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The Wyatts come out, and Bray says he proved Monday that Roman Reigns is mortal, and that he is forever. He says “anybody but you, Roman.” This brings out Reigns alone. He gets in Wyatt’s face and takes his mic away. Wyatt keeps Strowman and Harper from jumping Reigns. Roman just says “Hell in a Cell,” and leaves.

Source: WrestlingInc.Com

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We are in Laredo, Texas.

The music plays and the Wyatts make their way to the ring.

Bray calls out Roman Reigns and he says he tried to warn him with his words, but apparently he did not speak loud enough. We tried to warn you with our actions, but we did not hit hard enough. Roman, you were a fool to believe that you would be able to outrun your destiny. Last night, I grabbed the golden idol from Olympus and brought him to his knees.

You should have listened. I tried to tell you, but they all fall down. I am no liar. As a matter of fact . . .

Roman Reigns’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring and he is alone.

Bray holds Braun and Luke back as Roman enters the ring.

Roman says it is not just about him. It is about Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt. It has always been about you and I. It started here, so let’s finish it here. He tells Bray to send the bigguns to the back and see who makes it out of Laredo tonight.

Bray tells Roman he has given him enough chances.

Roman wants to make sure that Bray is telling everyone he is afraid to face him one on one. They don’t need a referee. They don’t even need this to be a match. This can be a fight.

Bray says something to Luke and then to Braun. Luke and Braun leave the ring.

Roman punches Luke off the apron and then Roman with punches. Roman with a clothesline to Bray followed by a pump handle fallaway slam. Roman with Neverending Story followed by an uppercut. Roman runs into a boot and Bray with an uppercut. Bray with a forearm to Roman and he charges into the corner and Roman with a Superman punch. Roman punches Bray.

Luke grabs Roman and Roman with an uppercut. Strowman picks up Roman and sends him to the mat. Dean Ambrose’s music plays and Dean runs past Strowman who goes up the aisle. Dean with a forearm to Harper followed by a drop kick to Strowman. Dean with a suicide dive onto Strowman and he stays on his feet. Dean with another suicide dive and Strowman stays on his feet again. Strowman takes care of Ambrose. Reigns goes after Strowman and Strowman stops him.

Reigns attacks Wyatt while Dean goes after Harper and sends him into the ringside barrier. Ambrose punches Strowman. Strowman sends Ambrose into the ring steps while the crowd chants ‘Y2J’. Harper sends Reigns into the ring. Harper chokes Reigns in the ring.

Randy Orton’s music plays and he hits a Thesz Press on Wyatt and punches him. Orton punches Harper and then he hits a power slam on Wyatt. Orton sends Harper to the floor. Orton with a backdrop driver to Harper on the announce table. Orton punches Strowman but Strowman with a head butt and he punches Orton.

Strowman grabs Orton but Ambrose with a missile drop kick and Strowman stays on his feet. Reigns with a Superman punch and Strowman goes to the floor but does not fall off his feet.


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Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho vs The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt’s make their way out first. Dean Ambrose then makes his way out from the stage area. Roman Reigns then makes his way through the crowd.

Starting off is Ambrose vs Harper. Ambrose goes on offense early in this match. He brings Harper to the mat a few times. Ambrose tags in Chris Jericho who goes on the offense and hands Harper a few cross bodies. Harper tags in Strowman. Jericho tags in Reigns. After a few punches and a near drop from Strowman, Reigns tags in Ambrose and they double team Strowman until he bows them both over. Reigns and Ambrose both roll out the ring. Jericho tries to fly from the top rope but Strowman catches him and throws him over the ring onto Reigns and Ambrose. Strowman goes outside of the ring to get Dean, who is the legal man, back in the ring. Strowman grabs Ambrose and punches him in the stomach. He then kicks Dean in the neck area.

Bray yells my turn and Strowman tags him in. Bray goes on the offense and assaults Dean. Dean creates space from Bray and tags in Roman. Bray goes to the corner and tags in Harper. Roman slaps Harper and tries to pick him up for a Samoan Drop, Harper lands on his feet. Roman again slaps Harper and tries the Samoan Drop and connects. Reigns picks up Harper and body slams him. Harper falls into the corner and Roman tries to counter a move but gets a boot in the face. Roman is a little wobbly but counters a move Harper tries to make and power bombs him. Harper kicks out at two. Roman clotheslines Harper in the corner right onto the floor. As Roman was trying to stay on top, he pushes off the rope and Strowman pulls and grabs his hair. Jericho tries to get the refs attention but when Roman gets free from Strowman, he walks into Harper’s boot. Luke covers and gets a two count.

Harper gets up and tags in Bray. Bray goes on to be on the offense. He head butts Roman in the chest a few times. Bray administers a slam and covers Roman to a two count. Bray tags in Strowman and he goes to work on Roman. Stomping Roman’s chest, he also slams Roman into the mat. Strowman picks Roman up by the hair and throws him into the corner where the rest of the Wyatt’s are. Strowman tags in Harper and he, too, goes to work on Roman. Harper kicks Reigns and Reigns rolls out of the ring. Harper tags in Bray. Bray holds Reigns while Harper flies through the ropes to land on Reigns. Bray then runs around and lands in Roman’s chest. Bray drags Roman in the ring and gets a two and a half count. Wyatt then throws Reigns out of the ring. While the ref is distracted, Strowman stalks Roman on the floor. Ambrose senses trouble and runs over to help. Ambrose jumps on Strowman’s back and puts him in a sleeper hold. Strowman dumps him over the barricade.

Back in the ring Roman and Bray are going at it. Bray tries to land a hit and Reigns duck to tag in Jericho. Jericho lands a few signature moves including walls of Jericho. To break it up, Harper comes in to take out Jericho and Dean comes in to take out Harper. Harper falls out of the ring. Bray comes in and he and Dean go at it. Bray tries to hit Sister Abigail but Dean counters, Dean tries Dirty Deeds but Bray counters. They both think clothesline and hit it at the same time. Both go down. Reigns and Strowman both want in.

Double tag. Reigns and Strowman are in. Reigns lets off a few hits. Reigns superman punches Strowman twice and Dean jumps from the top rope to take Strowman down. Reigns comes back and spears Strowman. It takes a lot out of him but he gets ready to do it again. WAIT! Jericho tags himself in.

Jericho does the lion sault move and lands on Strowman for a two count. Strowman throws Jericho off of him. Bray and Roman go at it from the outside of the ring. Back in the ring Jericho tries the code breaker but Strowman counters and places Jericho flat on his face. He then picks up Jericho and bear hugs him until lights out for Jericho.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

After the match Roman, Dean and Jericho are left alone in the ring, Pure defeat you can see on their faces. Roman and Dean are talking to Jericho. Jericho gets up and brushes past both Roman and Dean.

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