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Last night, the Royal Rumble, and its aftermath stampeded through the internet like a storm. Tonight, a real storm has forced the show to be delayed until Thursday night when we will have a live episode of Smackdown from Hartford. However WWE recapped the Rumble matches of the Triple Threat Match and the 30 man Royal Rumble match. They also did exclusive interviews with Rollins, Reigns, Bryan, and Lesnar.

We will hear from Roman Reigns later tonight as he talks about the reaction to his win on Sunday night.

Lesnar’s Interview (He mentions Roman)

Michael asks Brock about his match against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania.

Brock says he is happy for Roman. Good for him. He says he hopes Roman is up for the challenge because he is. Brock says he is on a roll, baby. He is a steamroller and you get out of the way of a steamroller.

Paul asks Michael if he has anything else.

Michael asks if Roman can stop Brock. Paul says no.

Paul asks Michael when he is going to talk to Roman. Michael says later tonight and Brock says he might stop by to say hello to him.

Roman Reigns gets ready for his interview as we go to commercial.

Byron Saxton is with Roman Reigns. Byron congratulates Roman and Roman says last night was really incredible. He is asked about the people who say he is not ready to face Brock Lesnar. Roman says everyone is entitled to their opinion. He might not be the best in the locker room, but he has been taught to react. His father, Sika, threw him into the deep end when he was learning to swim. Roman says he fought and clawed to get back to the surface. He learned to swim. He is fine with being thrown in the deep end to swim with the sharks.

Byron asks Roman about the Philadelphia crowd. Did he think he was treated unfairly? Roman says he was hoping for a warmer response, but is life fair? No, life is not fair. Those fans paid their money to go to the show and watch. When you go into the arena, you can boo or cheer whoever you want. As long as he can do his thing, he is happy. Roman says he is not thinking about fair.

Roman is asked about the critics who suggest he is hand picked by the higher ups. Roman says if that is the case, he would have to say thanks for the opportunity. You still have to deliver. He has to lace his boots, go down the stairs, and go into the ring by himself. When you are given the opportunity, you have to take advantage of the situation.

Byron mentions Roman eliminating Kane and Big Show, only to have them attack him, prior to the Rock helping him. When you are getting beaten up by mammoths, who better to have you with your family. He mentions his father, uncle, and family members. That is the blood that pumps through his veins. He was born in this business. He was fed by the WWE. The greatest favor he can do is return the favor. He is looking forward to performing at Wrestlemania in front of his father. He is looking forward to meeting Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and meeting him tonight.

A face off between Reigns and Lesnar will take place next

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are together in the same room. Michael thanks them for joining them.

Paul shakes Roman’s hand and congratulates him for winning and he would like to ask the questions to Roman tonight.

Roman says he’s got nothing to hide and Paul says that might be your first mistake.

Paul says he asked Brock about this before, Paul says he has known Roman’s family longer than Roman has known his own family. He took photos of his father and Afa when they were Tag Team Champions. He took Yokozuna’s first promotional photos. He managed Fatu before he was known as Rikishi bring his children Jimmy and Jey to the ring and give each other frog splashes. Everything about your family is like a bird to air or fish to water. He has known Roman when he lived in Pensacola.

Paul says he is proud of Roman’s accomplishments last night. He also knows Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, but Dwayne knows Brock Lesnar.

In 2002, the Rock ruled the roost. Rock was the Undisputed WWE Champion, laying the smack down across the globe. The fantasy was that it would last forever. That lasted until the fantasy ran into the reality. It ran into the Next Big Thing in Brock Lesnar. When Brock got his hands on the Rock, he took the championship from the Rock. You remember their rematch on pay per view . . . you can’t because The Rock never asked for a rematch. One match with Brock Lesnar was all the Rock could handle.

Why doesn’t the Rock tell you what you are up against at Wrestlemania. Your blood doesn’t tell you, not just who you are fighting, but what you are fighting. You are the one . . . to beat the one . . . in twenty-one and one.

Paul’s question is Roman . . . with all due respect, how are you going to handle disappointing your family when you lose to Brock Lesnar because you cannot beat Brock Lesnar. Not today and certainly not at Wrestlemania. How will you handle losing at Wrestlemania.

Roman says with all due respect, he will answer that to Brock Lesnar. Reigns turns to Brock and he looks deep into his eyes and he says he knows who and what he is. Roman says he knows what he signed up for. He does not think Roman knows. He will beat Brock at Wrestlemania and take that title. He knows it and Brock knows it. If he can’t, he will take a piece of Brock with him. He believes that and so should you.

Brock gets up and we have a face to face situation. They shake hands and Brock says unlike him, he doesn’t respect you.

Roman tells Brock he will.

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