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Backstage Segment

We return and given a video package of Roman Reigns elimination record at the Rumble. We go backstage with Renee Young and The Shield. Renee asks there response to the Wyatts. Reigns says actions speak louder than words. Rollins says they speak in absolutes, not riddles. Renee says that Ambrose hasn’t defended his title in awhile. Reigns also questions him and Ambrose says that he will have an open challenge for the title tonight.

Dean Ambrose vs Mark Henry (with Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins) – United States Championship

Ambrose and Henry lock up and Henry throws him out of the ring. Ambrose tries to regroup and decides to get back in the ring. Ambrose hits some kicks to the chest in the corner, but Mark Henry once again takes him down. Henry throws him into the corner twice, and then finally throws him into the ring post. Ambrose tries to escape but Henry brings him back into the ring. Ambrose finally gets some control, and takes the brace off of Henry’s elbow. Henry throws Ambrose out of the ring and Ambrose is down as we head to commercial.

We return with Ambrose in control over Mark Henry. Ambrose hits a DDT on the arm of Henry, and continues to work on the injured elbow. Ambrose goes up top but Henry throws him off. Henry begins his comeback and hits the World’s Strongest Slam! Mark Henry goes for the cover but is broken up by Seth Rollins. Henry tries to fend off the Shield but Reigns hits a spear on the outside.

Winner (By: DQ): Mark Henry

The Shield stand tall over Henry, but out come The Wyatts. The Shield come back to the ring  as both teams are on opposing sides of the apron. Reigns enters the ring, and then Bray enters. Bray leaves right away and the Wyatt’s step down. All three members of the Shield stand tall in the ring as the Wyatt Family retreats.

Credit: PWMania.Com

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